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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I know everyone wants to know what led to Drew Garrett being let go as Michael. There is TONS of speculation out there. From what I could gather, while it took us all by shock, the recast MAY have been happening behind the scenes for a bit now. This doesn't mean some of his co-stars weren't caught off guard by the news. Ingo Rademacher was tweeting as recent as Friday that he needed to run lines with Drew for upcoming scenes. Laura Wright tweeted Monday that she gave Garrett a big hug and wished him well. Both said they had no idea what led to his being let go from General Hospital.


How about some scoop? Robin takes the stand in defense of her favorite man to defend, Sonny! Will she crumble under cross examination? While she paints the man that she wants everyone to see under Diane’s questioning, Claire gets under Robin’s skin. Will Robin’s testimony cause another Scrubs squabble about the local godfather?

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The Q Mansion is filling up! Remember both Maya and Skye hit town soon. Brook Lynn follows shortly, closer to May Sweeps.

After Kristina witnesses Sonny’s outburst in court… she’s a little uneasy with Daddy. Carly will try to soothe Kristina and explain Sonny to her. Dante has a warning for Carly. She might want to keep Morgan away from the men in blue.

When will Ethan’s name be cleared? The truth will come out eventually. Remember the RUMOR about Kiefer’s demise? It MAY be a classic case of things getting worse, much worse before they get better. So the GOSSIP out there is that Kiefer loses it once again and beats Kristina. Someone walks in on it and kills Kiefer. Who? Is it Dante as some of the CHATTER suggests? Is it a female? Is this all a good piece of FanFic?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Elizabeth gets the results of the paternity test Nikolas had done. The results Nikolas wants her to see. Will Dr. Lisa know the real results? Dante and Lucky find evidence that points in Kiefer’s direction. Michael tries to escape the island once again.