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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Shouldn’t the jury of a murder trial be sequestered alone in a hotel somewhere? Should they be allowed to go about their business, colluding with the mayor and discussing the case with anybody who will listen?

Dante, stop lying on the witness stand. Kristina, stop lying to, well, everyone.

I hated that Kristina immediately lied to Alexis and insisted that she was telling the truth. I was hoping that she would tell Lucky the truth, although I’m not holding out much hope. I did like how gently Lucky was treating her though.

I hated that according to Carly, Alexis is the evil mother whose children lie just because Alexis asked Carly to leave her daughter alone. Hey Carly, where’s Michael?

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Has Luke learned the art of apparition? Yesterday, he showed up in the interrogation room without making a sound, catching Ethan off guard. Today, he appeared in Sonny’s foyer without notice. It just made me wonder if he’s walking through walls now.

I loved Luke and Ethan’s conversation. What got to me was Ethan telling the story of how he found Kristina on the floor, that he picked her up and took her straight to the hospital. He was so nice and sweet and helpful to her, which just makes her lie that much worse. She’s pointed the finger at him because he was “mean” to her and yet the niceness when he found her should have negated the meanness. Eh, who am I kidding? She’s a messed up teenage girl with daddy issues.

I loved the Alexis/Jax conversation. I’m glad she has him to talk to, although she could just as easily have had that same scene with Mac.

Is it just me, or is there some serious chemistry between Dante and Claire? As a giant Lante fan, I don’t really want to see a Daire hook up.

Why doesn’t Jason hand in his killer license and get himself a policeman’s badge? The show clearly wants him to be the good guy who figures everything out, but still get to carry a gun. It’s the perfect job for him. That, and he and Lucky can really hang out and have girl talks.

Line of the day:

Lucky to Jason:
“Why would Kristina lie?”

Yet no one has realized that if she’s lying, it’s to protect the real abuser. I'm waiting for that light bulb moment and I'm hoping either Sam or Alexis is the one to have it.