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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the day has to go again, to Lexi Ainsworth. That girl can cry like nobody’s business. She can give classes in it.

Having said that, I often wonder if Kristina’s tears are out of fear or out of manipulation. With Lucky, she starts crying when he starts pushing a little. With Sonny, she starts crying when she’s trying to get her point across that she doesn’t want him to hurt Ethan. With Sam, she starts when she says she doesn’t want to prosecute Ethan. And in all three cases, all three people pull back, stop questioning her and tell her what they think she wants to hear.

Interesting reaction from Kristina with Keifer. When Kiefer shows up, she looks terrified and then when he comments that he wonders if she wants to see him, she downplays it that she really doesn’t want to see anyone, so as not to anger him, I guess. Then when she finds out that he was outside all that time, watching her talking to Lucky, she gets that scared look again. Her backbone then comes out, briefly, as she angrily says, “I hope you haven’t been out there all that time.” When Sonny arrives and Kiefer leaves, he goes to touch her as he’s leaving, and she dodges away from him, kind of rubbing her face as though she’s creeped out. All are very subtle signs, but excellent acting choices on Lexi’s part.

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I was wondering when the light would go on and who would be the one to point the finger at Kiefer. I was hoping it would be Sam or Alexis, but it looks like Carly gets the brownie points. Although I guess it would be someone who isn’t directly emotionally involved and who can see things objectively. This was one time, though, when I disagreed with Jason when he told her not to get involved or tell Lucky. No Carly, go tell Lucky.

Why are those who are closest to Kristina and who want justice (Sam, Sonny, Alexis) not realizing that Ethan sticking around likely means he’s innocent? He admitted to roughing her up a little at the Star. He admitted to her scratching him when he picked her up; but he denies the beating and was still in town long enough for the police to arrest him and for Sonny to threaten him. Wouldn’t the fact that he stuck around be enough to make people question his innocence?

Loved the Luke/Sonny showdown. It’s interesting to see these two at odds after all these years.

I love Robin, but I hate when she gets on her Sonny high horse and dismisses all the bad that Sonny does because he was nice to her years ago. Saying she loves Sonny in the same breath that she says she loves the man who raised her and the man she shares a life with, is too much.

I don’t think it was Lulu’s place to tell Ethan about Laura’s rape, but it certainly took the wind out of Ethan’s sails. I’m just surprised she didn’t also tell Dante when he asked.