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B&B's Brad Bell: "Unexpected Pairings" Coming This Summer

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On-Air-On-Soaps' Michael Fairman chatted with The Bold and the Beautiful's show-runner/head writer Brad Bell during the show's 23rd anniversary party recently. Bell opens up on what viewers should expect to see later on this year. Bell revealed,

I am excited about the younger generation. We have it right this year with Jackie Wood (Steffy) and Kim Matula (Hope) as arch rivals, and young rivals.” Now that Steffy is the baddest girl in Los Angeles, and seems to be stirring the pot with anything that walks, I had to find out from Brad, what was the impetus for the switch?  “When I got to know Jackie a little better, honestly. (Laughs) I originally wanted to make her into a wide -eyed innocent girl, and as Taylor’s daughter she would be everything good and sweet in the world and it didn’t work.  Jackie wanted to play the vixen and the bad girl, and then I realized I had to cast against that. This is what makes daytime so unique and wonderful.  The audience analyzes these characters so closely that they know when it’s false for the characters, and in daytime the characters end up merging with the actors because it’s such an organic experience.  So I had no choice to write to what Jackie strengths are. It was that strength that emerged when I would watch her between takes, and it works.  She is a naughty girl, and that is why I believe in our current youthful group, because it’s hard to find a troublemaker.  She does have a heart and soul but she is a problem, and I love telling stories with characters like that.”   According to Bell, there is going to be quite the shake-up that will throw many of the longtime stalwarts and other characters in a romantic upheaval, “We have so many unexpected pairings coming up towards the summer of people you would never think would find their way to one another. Fans should look for that in June and July.”   Oh, no! Could this mean the cougar storyline between Owen and Jackie could end? “Jackie and Owen are a beloved solid couple in certain ways and they are a little demented, but they love each other. (Laughs) And he appreciates her and worships her, and her life had changed so much because of Owen, and that is something we want to preserve.

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