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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Very rarely do I enjoy a JaSam scene but I did like the one today. She comes home from spending the night with Kristina doing girly things. They talk. He essentially gets her to see that she’s getting too personal with Kris’ assault and making it too much about her. Sam realizes that she needs to start listening to what Kristina wants, which hopefully will help her connect the dots that will lead her to Kiefer.


Luke/Sonny: I’m not really sure why Luke went back to Sonny’s to plead his case again. He’d been there once to tell Sonny not to hurt Ethan so why go back again? Just to antagonize Sonny? But when Luke mentioned knowing his son and how Sonny knows his sons, Sonny’s immediate response was, “I’d want to believe my son wasn’t responsible for such a monstrous act”. That's a tad hypocritical considering why Michael is down in the islands right now.

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I liked that Michael called Kristina to chat and that she told him about the beating. I was happy to see him wanting to leave to go home to her, but was disappointed to see Carly show up and stop him. I’m glad Michael also realized that there’s no way Ethan could have hurt Kristina, since he had always been nice to her and that Michael realized it was Keifer.

It was nice to see Sam go to Alexis to explain why Kristina wouldn’t want to punish Ethan. At first, I thought the writers would have Alexis be hard headed and not want to let it go, but I think Sam made some headway and Alexis understood where she was coming from. I did understand Alexis’ point of wanting to encourage Kristina to confront her attacker and stand up for herself.

I was surprised to see Kristina out and about at Kelly’s. I would think she would still be traumatized and self-conscious enough to be hiding out at home. And I don’t understand why she’s still hanging out with Kiefer. Make an excuse and leave.

While I always appreciate a shirtless Johnny, I found it a bit icky that he and Olivia were half naked in the very public car shop. I know we're all tired of seeing them on the couch at her place, but the shop, where anyone – and the federal prosecutor – can show up?