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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Kevin: He gets a call which may take him straight to Jana.

Chloe/Nina: The women do battle over Chance.

Nick/Faith/Sharon: Nick talks with Phyllis at the hospital regarding Faith's DNA testing. Phyllis assures Nick the little girl will in fact prove to be his child with Sharon. Nikki stops by and Phyllis talks about the status of her marriage if Faith is proven to be Nick and Sharon's daughter. Nikki advises Phyllis that Nick loves her and only her. The Abbotts, along with the Newman clan— minus Victoria and Phyllis— are all at Brad's old house when they get word about Faith's paternity. The DNA tests are back and prove Faith is really Nick and Sharon's little girl. Ashley is devastated by this revelation. Sharon takes the baby from her and informs Victor she spoke with a shrink who advised Ashley needs a clean break from the little girl in order for Nick and Sharon to bond with Faith.

Later, Nick calls Phyllis to bring her up to speed. Phyllis had no doubt Faith would turn out to be Nick's daughter and starts to wonder where her marriage stands. Meanwhile Sharon informs Nick she's going to move to the GCAC to bond with Faith. Both Nick and Phyllis aren't too keen on her plans. Nick tells Sharon she needs to stay at a place where she can lean on her family and friends while she's spending time with Faith. He doesn't feel isolating herself is the best idea. Nick lets Phyllis know where his love stands and assures her their marriage will be alright. Nick's intentions aren't going to benefit one of the women in his life since Phyllis and Sharon both need him right now. Sharon tells Nick she doesn't want Phyllis around Faith as much since she's trying to develop a relationship with her daughter. Nick lets Sharon know Phyllis will be a part of Faith's life since he's married to her. In the end, Nick agrees to Sharon's demands.

Masquerade Ball: A blast due to a gas leak occurs at the event.

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Billy/Victoria: The ice queen sees the Restless Style article regarding the cabin showdown with Adam on the Internet and assumes Billy is responsible for it. Victoria bumps into him at Ashley's and rips into. Billy tries to explain he wasn't behind it. Afterwards, Billy pulls Victoria in for a kiss and this time she doesn't slap him! Once the two come up for air, Victoria reminds him she's still married to J.T. and still doesn't buy his explanation.

When Billy mentions he'd never betray Ashley by publishing the article, Vicki realizes he's telling the truth. The two start to smooch once again.Victoria breaks away, and they both conclude they shouldn't have kissed. They go their separate ways, but Victoria can't keep her mind off of the Abbott playboy. She winds up going to his trailer, where she admits she can't stay away from Billy and the two end up kissing once more and hit the sheets.


Beth Maitland: Traci heads back to Genoa City on March 29 and 30 to spend time with her family.


Christel Khalil: The expectant mom goes on materinty leave soon. Fear not Cane and Lily fans, she pre-taped her scenes so viewers will not realize she's MIA.


Michael Graziadei: The actor will make a guest spot on The Ghost Whisperer May 14, playing twins.