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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Bridget: Mrs. Marone is in deep-you-know-what when she discovers she hasn't been taking her birth control pill for a few days. Bridget decides to take a home pregnancy test. Unfortunately for her, Nick and Jackie walk in on her while she's about to perform the test. Later, Bridget attempts to become friends once more with Agnes/Sandy.

Owen: Once again, he's relegated to beefcake status in the latest ad for Jackie M. Whip wants Owen to be a cabana boy. Owen complies for Jackie's sake .

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Stephanie: She sees trouble in paradise for Eric and Donna and decides to do something about it. The Forrester matriarch plans a public tribute to Eric. Afterwards, Stephanie opens her heart to Eric and admits she still loves him. The former marrieds kiss, which Pam witnesses. Steph's loopy sis decides to snap a picture of the buss with her cell phone.

Donna: She goes to Bill to gripe after Eric allows Stephanie to live on the Forrester Estate.