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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved the Kristina/Luke scene. She essentially told him that she lied when she pointed the finger at Ethan. As he kept pressing her for the name of the person who hit her, I was actually calling out to my TV, telling her to tell him. I guess she didn’t hear me! Sam is officially Miss Interruptus. Now, that’s not a slag on Sam, she just seems to be the one that shows up all the time, just as Kristina’s about to confess.

I loved that Claire witnessed Sonny, the idiot, having a temper tantrum the likes of which my 2 year old would be proud of. I love that she had the forethought to then use that knowledge to her advantage to put Johnny on the stand to get a rise out of Sonny. Although I did find that Sonny jumped on the bait rather quickly.

Speaking of the trial, I highly doubt that Coleman would still be on the jury after not only making verbal contact with his fellow jurors and making comments about both the defendant and the witness, but also engaging in conversation with the judge.

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I loved seeing Georgie again. Too bad she has to be dead, although I enjoyed her scene with Maxie, being the voice of wisdom for her sister.

I loved that Johnny went to see Maxie and talked things out with her. The more I see the two of them together, the more I think they make more sense together than Spixie. I also hope that now that Maxie has had a death scare, that Spinelli ends all of his attempts to be macho.

I’m not really a fan of the new guy working for Jason. The attempt at comic relief is a little too strong, but he did give me my funny line of the day:

Conan to Jason: “We really should invest in unbreakable glassware”

I loved that Ronnie was trying to work Morgan about Michael’s whereabouts, although I wished he would have been a tad more subtle. Morgan’s not stupid and it wouldn’t have taken long for him to realize what Ronnie was up to, if Dante hadn’t shown up when he did.

It was interesting to see Alexis go all Cassadine on Luke.