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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


What’s going on today? I mentioned Sonny losing it in court; it's Johnny’s testimony that sets the godfather off. Will Ethan’s flirtation with a lady set Sam off? Luke almost has the truth out of Kristina. Dante takes Ronnie to task for trying to get Morgan to reveal where Michael is hiding out. Georgie’s ghostly visit continues as she tells Maxie whether she lives or dies is up to Maxie. It will be Spinelli’s voice that pulls Maxie back. Is this all the Spixie fans need to reaffirm that their couple is back on track? More SPOILERS on what's next for Sonny's trial, the abuse storyline, Kiefer's end and Skye's return after the jump.

Speaking of Sonny’s outburst…Krissy sees the heated verbal exchange that Johnny and Sonny have which has her leaving the courthouse visibly upset. When Sonny goes to see his daughter, Kristina takes out her anger on her dad and we all know it’s really not about what happened in court.

Johnny is pretty happy with himself… He couldn’t be more proud that he was the one to make Sonny fly off the handle in front of the jurors and he tells Dante what a great witness for the prosecution he was. How will Dante feel about it? After the day in court, will the judge decide the jurors need to be sequestered? Please let this mean we’ll get to see some great Coleman and Big Alice scenes!

Robin takes the stand. As we’ve already SPOILED, Robin takes the stand to testify on Sonny’s behalf. Prosecutor Claire does her job though, and a gets Robin to answer some questions that make Sonny look bad. Is Sonny close to being put away? Maxie testifies from GH. Does she bring up Michael’s name? Apparently, Maxie holds up better than Robin did against Prosecutor Claire, even from a hospital bed.

The Ward Girls… Maya hits town and meets both Spencer men. Her meeting with Ethan isn’t all that great. Will Maya's first meet and greet with Lucky go better/

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The Abuse Storyline… Are you ready? What Kristina witnessed at the courthouse has her questioning her father and what he is capable of. Carly calms Kristina’s fears and tells her that Sonny would never hit a woman. Sam believes Kristina’s story and refuses to see the holes in it, Jason does and that will not sit well with Sam.

Ethan… Will he skip town? At first, Luke wants him to stay. Then, Tracy decides that the three of them should take a family trip which Luke agrees to. Will a phone call from a certain redhead have Luke changing their travel plans? Skye arrives and Luke tells Tracy it’s just her and the Dodger getting out of Dodge.

The Brothers in Blue are on the case! Lucky and Dante are both working on figuring out just what happened the night Kristina says Ethan beat her up. When Dante goes to talk to his little sister, Kiefer shows up and Dante's big brother instinct starts kicking in. Will they get evidence that points to Kiefer? You bet! After being questioned by Detectives Falconari and Spencer, Kiefer freaks and immediately goes looking for Kristina.

Remember I said it’s going to get worse first? After being questioned, Kiefer is in panic mode and Kristina is the cause of his panic. He shows up at the Lake House where Alexis will see him running away from the house as she comes home. When she goes inside, she’ll find Kristina beaten and unconscious.

The end of Kiefer… Is it an accident? Alexis scoops up her battered daughter and puts her in the car to take her to GH. Does she run down Kiefer in the process? Stick with me here… A mother who just walked in and found her daughter beaten and unconscious on her living room floor and most likely just realized that the guilty party is not who she thought it was. This mother is now understandably upset, questioning herself and everything she’s done all while driving her daughter to get medical attention MIGHT possibly run this bastard down on the way to the hospital. Is that an accident or justice?

Looking ahead… Those of you who hate that Kristina lied about Ethan being her attacker, well, you may not like this either. RUMOR has it that Ethan is the prime suspect in running Kiefer down and that once again Lucky must arrest his brother. Does this mean Alexis is going to lie about being behind the wheel that rolled over Kiefer? RUMORS say she’ll tell Sam who hides the truth from Jason.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Michael wants to get back to Port Charles and his sister. I want TIIC to KEEP Drew Garrett. Luke wants to know why Blaze has decided to return to town. Olivia tells her son she doesn’t think he got his father’s mean streak. Is there a little spat in Lulu and Dante’s future? Olivia also takes the stand. Are Jason and Spinelli finding out the truth about Kiefer or something else? Elizabeth comes home! Do the men in her life think she's ready? Patrick will be the one to give her a lift home and Helena arrives as the second paternity results are in. Did Helena get her hands on those as well? That MAY be the case!