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Has Sharon Been Listening to Salt-N-Pepa's Classic "I'll Take Yo Man" on Y&R?

Looks like Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is once again gonna be worrying about the Blonde Promiscuous One (Sharon Case) stealing He Who Wears Sweater Vests to a Fortune 100 company's headquarters (Joshua Morrow) back on The Young and the Restless. I tell you what, the way that boy ping pongs back and forth between those two, he must be offering them up something mighty nice in the bedroom—if not the boardroom— for all this fuss and carrying on!  CBS Soaps in Depth has all the drama. Check out the teaser below, then run out and pick up the latest copy on newstands now.


Is The Young and the Restless' Phyllis being pushed out of her own marriage? Nick and Sharon finally have baby Faith back in their lives, but the former Mrs. Newman doesn’t want his current wife to be around the child! Can Phyllis and Nick’s marriage withstand Sharon’s demands? Or will time alone with little Faith remind her parents just how much they once loved each other?

Only Soaps In Depth has the story of how one little girl could change everything between Nick, Phyllis and Sharon! So be sure to pick up the new CBS issue today!

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