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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Are we fans of Damon and Colby? I’m definitely a fan of Damon, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this pairing. It could be that I’m not really a fan of Colby. But we all knew the minute that Liza told Colby to stay away from Damon; their friendship was going to take a turn. SPOILER has it the two continue to connect and when Damon runs off its Colby he comes home with. Tad is relieved that his son comes home but, he’s still aggravated that he can’t seem to find something to bond over with his son. Will Damon feel like the walls are closing in on him? Looks like that’s the case as he takes off from the hospital and Colby’s his co-pilot. Will the pair be in trouble when Damon is a little out of control behind the wheel?

Will Angie be on Team Damon? It looks like Angie will try to get father and son to see eye to eye. He even impresses the good Doctor when she spies Damon with a disturbed teen.

Jack and Erica back on track?
Lord I hope so since I just can’t see either of them with anyone else. Opal thinks Erica should just come clean and take a leap of faith with Jackson. With Jack staying in PV, he needs to set up his office and offers Krystal a job as his paralegal. Will Erica and Jack's daughters be the reason they can’t make it work?

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Tad is also being offered a new job! Ryan wants him to be his new casino manager after he, Tad and Krystal catch Craig and his sticky fingers stealing.

JR’s plan to take down Annie… It all starts with Annie and JR’s invitation to testify before a congressional subcommittee that is intended to increase awareness for the National Bone Marrow Registry. With JR assuring Annie that all he wants is for the two of them to get along, Annie confides in her step-son that she doesn’t trust Brooke. Sorry Annie, its JR that you really shouldn’t trust, he’s got the congressman who invited you in his pocket.

Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee…  I’m still hoping for a REAL love story for Greens and David despite their declarations of love coming up I'm still not completely swept off my feet. Greenlee can’t seem to figure out why David wants to keep her away from his trial. Is it because the truth regarding her accident is coming out? David's determination to keep her away MAY not matter as Greens is on a mission of her own to find out everything about that fateful night. David tells Liza the truth about Kendall being behind the wheel the night Greenlee “died” and Jackson tells Erica that Greenlee needs to know what really happened that night.

The set-up for Adam and Brooke to ride off into the sunset… He’s dreaming about her and he’ll remember happy times they had together. Brooke tells Adam that she’s feeling a little “lost” with her kids scattered and living on their own. After almost letting his health issues slip to the family, Adam apologizes to Brooke who is thankful that Adam is ok. Is that a little premature? Adam’s life is SPOILED to be “on the line.”

RANDOM and CRAZY… Colby is going to be Damon’s tutor for the GED. Gayle better watch out for Turbo as David’s trial begins. Greenlee, PI? She’s looking for something in Erica’s office. How far will David go to protect his wife? Colby isn’t sure that JR can pull off his plan for Annie. Kendall RETURNS and squares off with her former BFF!