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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


CHATTER about Morgan Corinthos…or more specifically about Aaron Refvem. Apparently the little man booked himself an NBC pilot. Will another Corinthos kid get a new face? My guess? IF NBC picks up the pilot, yep! As I was typing this blog, ABC Soaps in Depthtweeted that the role has been recast. Geesh! What in the world!

More on Kiefer getting run over… Sweet Justice? Will he be alive when he makes it to GH? I’m hearing that he MAY be and that when he dies at the hospital, we COULD be in for a mystery. Anyone interested in that? Sam wants Alexis to keep silent for Kristina’s sake. She’s been through enough and she needs her mom. Jason thinks something is up. Will Spinelli help him figure it out? No matter how Kiefer’s life actually ends or who figures out what really happened, it LOOKS like Kristina will believe that Ethan is at fault for running her boyfriend down. Is this just another thing for Krissy to blame herself for? IS this how Franco makes his reappearance? RUMOR has it that when Kiefer bites it, Franco thinks Jason carried out an order. Remember his threat?

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Everybody has a past… Ethan learned about Luke’s and now Dante will learn about Lulu’s. RUMORS say that Dante will find out that Lulu had an abortion. What will his reaction be? Who else has a back story? It looks like Dr. Lisa has a secret coming up or out.

I’ve been looking forward for the truth about Claudia’s killing to come out. Now, I’m not so sure. I can’t say that I’m sitting on pins and needles anymore with the reveal set to come out and I have no idea who will be the one acting it out. Will we get to see Drew Garrett finish it out or will Chad Duell be the one ending this storyline? Prosecutor Claire is getting closer to the truth and she will find out that Michael killed Claudia. I sort of want Dante to find out first and try to protect his brother. Remember, Duell debuts on April 20. It appears that some of his first scenes are with big brother Dante.

Liz is sprung… I mentioned that Patrick gives her a ride home. Steven isn’t so sure she’s ready to leave Shadybrooke but, his sister is ready to be home. Nikolas wants to keep Elizabeth safe from Helena.

RANDOM and CRAZY... Will it be Sam and Molly who find Kiefer on the side of the road? Diane will know the truth! From Maxie's testimony, Claire figures out the car was Michael's. Olivia will be no help, to either side. Johnny wants a roomie!