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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers

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He realizes that he's in love with Sami. EJ decides to pursue Sami once again and tells big sister Lexie about his feelings for his ex. Later, EJ figures out he's been duped.

Will: He walks up on his mom and EJ embracing.


He warns the D.A.

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She shocks Stefano with some news.


He plays love doctor with Chloe (not that way!) and convinces his ex that Daniel's heart belongs to only her.

Nicole/Brady/Arianna: Nic's elated that Brady and Ari's wedding hit a snag, thanks to the hurricane, and that the couple decided to head home. Nicole and Arianna have a heated argument during which Ari grills Nicole about why she won't stay away from her man. Nicole lets her know Brady always has, and always will, carry a torch for her; purposely causing Ms. Hernandez to have doubts about her man.


The couple decide to make choices together.

Sami/Nicole: Once Nicole is back in Salem, she bumps into Sami and the two get into an argument. Nicole puts the blame for Sydney's kidnapping on Sami's shoulders, saying that had she not lied about her existence, none of the mess would have happened. Naturally, Sami doesn't take this information well and pops Nicole one good! Sami attempts to give her another punch and the two rivals get into an all out brawl!

Rafe comes on the scene, stops the catfight and takes the women to police headquarters, where he grills Nicole about Anna. Nicole doesn't cop to anything and is released. Later, she runs into EJ at the Brady Pub, where she promptly baits him into thinking Anna's spilled all. EJ starts to wonder if his ex realizes he was involved in Sydney's kidnapping, but relaxes when he figures out Nicole's bluffing. As the week goes by, Nicole sees Sydney with Will and lets the little girl know she will always love her and won't interfere in her life.