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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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First off, let me just say that I can’t believe that they’ve replaced the actor that plays Morgan, so soon after replacing Drew Garrett. Two great actors, doing bang-up jobs and now they’re both gone. Uggh.

I can’t wait for the Kiefer reveal, just so that Sam can stop freaking out to anyone who will listen about how evil Ethan is and how precious Krissie never lies. Now, this isn’t really a slag on Sam, since she’s just going with the information that she has. It's more about how slowly this story is going, how tired I am of Kristina’s lies and poor Ethan, who’s getting spit on by everyone and their head nurse. That being said, I would like Sam to have a teeny bit more of an open mind, considering it’s Jason who’s telling her that there might be a problem with Kristina’s story.

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I was torn with the Dante/Morgan and Dante/Carly scenes. He tells Morgan basically not to trust him regarding Sonny’s business, and I can understand that. But then he tells Carly to keep Morgan away from all cops. Sorry, but if Morgan’s going to let something slip, then maybe he shouldn’t be privy to secret information in the first place, and people around him should stop doing criminal activities.

I love that Johnny had the decency to stop talking in court when he realized Kristina was in the courthouse and crying. Say what you will about Johnny, but there is a decent heart somewhere under that mob exterior.

Good to see the jury finally being sequestered so that they can’t discuss anything with anyone. I loved the look of joy on Alice’s face at the news. Also loved Coleman’s attempt to get off of the jury by claiming his bias towards Sonny. Then when that doesn’t work, he declares that he has contracted a virus and should be removed. At least Coleman is giving us some comic relief in the midst of a very odd trial.

I loved the Kristina/Sonny scene at the house; Sonny trying to defend his angry outburst and Kristina not having any of it. Kristina believes that Sonny is capable of hitting a woman and Sonny claims he isn’t. I disagree with Sonny when he claims he’s never abused a woman, because even though he doesn’t hit them, he does yell at them, degrade them, tear them down and tell his guards to get rid of them. It’s just a different form of abuse.

Thank goodness Liz is finally getting out of Shadybrook. I never understood why she was in there in the first place.