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SOAPnet Proves Lucrative for Mouse House

Don't hold your breath waiting for SOAPnet to start airing those Knots Landing re-runs again, or to start producing more installments of General Hospital: Night Shift. The Brian Frons-managed cabler, which now focuses largely on teen soap retreads and same day repeats of current daytime soaps, saw an audience gain of 2.5 million viewers in 2009, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

SOAPnet, which now boasts such fare as the slightly-serialized, hit, Canadian import Being Erica, a myriad of non-soap related movies like Clue (???), re-runs of All My ChildrenOne Life to Live, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, Ryan's Hope and primetime soaps Beverly Hills, 90210, One Tree HillThe O.C. and Gilmore Girls, also saw a 50 percent increase among Internet viewing.

While this is generally the part in the program where I say something snarky, mean-spirited and downright hateful about TPTB, I'm not gonna do that this time. In fact I am going to congratulate Fronsie on figuring out a way to at least give us some of our soaps on cable, while still providing Mickey Mouse with a viable revenue stream, after all kids, it's all about moving products at the end of the day!

Hey, I loved those Another World re-runs just as much as the next soap fan, but I do have to admit after a couple of months I stopped watching. For some reason, classic soaps just don't tend to do as well in syndication. That being said, I would still sell my first born child to see Santa Barbara air on the channel.


 No, SOAPnet isn't what I envision for a soap opera-themed cable channel, and it likely never will be, but then MTV has only played three music videos since Bill Clinton was not having sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, and I love me some Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom, so what can you do? Anyone wanna come over this weekend and watch Romy and Michelle: In The Beginning? No? 

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