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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Beaten and crying… that’s how Alexis finds her daughter after she sees Kiefer leaving her house. In a panic she takes Kristina to the hospital and that is when her car meets Kiefer’s body. Kristina will admit the truth to an audience that Kiefer was her abuser. Sonny, Alexis and Dante are all there to hear her tearful confession.

Sonny thanks Dante for being there for his sister… Dante turns the tables on his father and tells him that Kristina wouldn’t have felt the need to lie if Sonny wasn’t the man he is. Dante lays in to dear old dad even further by telling him that he’s not the best dad in the land, no matter what he tells himself. Dante’s words hit Sonny’s temper and Olivia is his target. He blames her for the roadblock he’s been facing with Dante but, Dante isn’t going to let anyone talk to his momma that way. Sonny better duck!

Where’s Jason? He’s at the Haunted Star acting on Sonny’s orders to eliminate Ethan. It’s not Ethan he finds though, it’s Lucky.

I mentioned that Molly and Sam are the ones to find Kiefer… he’s hanging on by a thread and the sisters call for help. Does Sam think Jason had something to do with Kiefer’s accident? Kiefer takes a turn for the worse at GH and Alexis starts to feel the consequences.

Ethan… he’s ready to leave town. Both Luke and Skye are in the process of trying to talk him in to staying when Lucky arrives to tell them that Kristina finally told the truth. Why would Lucky tell Ethan not to breathe a sigh of relief just yet? Apparently Lucky thinks Ethan may have had something to do with Kiefer’s accident. Luke is not happy that Cowboy doubts Dodger. As I mentioned in the last spoiler blog, Lucky arrests Ethan yet again. Why? A dent in Ethan’s car! Yep, the accident with Maya.

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We will see Kiefer’s parents again… Warren wants justice! Some might say justice has been served Warren. Kiefer’s mom takes her anger out on Alexis. Little does she know Alexis put her son in that hospital bed.

Who does Alexis confess to? Diane and Sam! Diane wants her to come clean, now. Sam wants her to keep it a secret for Kristina’s sake. Alexis MAY be on the verge of telling Mac what she did.

The topic of Lulu’s abortion sparked some comments in the last post… Apparently Lulu tells Dante she gives Olivia credit for not having an abortion when she got pregnant with him. Their nice evening together gets uncomfortable for Dante when she says this. My take: In any relationship as a couple gets closer something like having an abortion as a teen comes out. Now when one half of that relationship is the product of a teenage pregnancy, I could imagine it would have an impact.

Sonny’s trial… Maxie is one smart cookie. She figures out it was Michael who killed Claudia and Spinelli tells her that she is correct. Claire needs to think of a new plan when she can’t find Michael so she puts Morgan on the witness stand. Sonny isn’t happy and Dante gets to the courthouse to stop it. Sonny lets Carly know that his freedom is in her hands.

Maya Ward… Edwards wants Steven to hire her but Steven isn’t interested in being strong armed by Edward Quartermaine. Maya makes a good impression all on her own and gets the job.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason has a plan that involves him taking Sonny’s place. Carly is not a fan. Does Claire have a deal for Sonny? Will it have something to do with her figuring out who really killed Claudia? Will Sonny feel like dealing? Have Nikolas and Kristina even shared the screen? SPOILER has it that he’s the one to get through to the troubled teen. Jax and Carly get along for their daughter. Steven thinks Elizabeth needs to go back to Shadybrook. Does she not take it well when she sees Lucky with Maxie? Prosecutor Claire isn’t interested in Jason’s offer. Sonny wants to take his chances on the jury. Kristina wants to know if Ethan ran down Kiefer. Lisa continues to push Robin’s buttons. Michael will be out of hiding soon and with a new face.