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Reality Bytes' Tristan Rogers: "The Nature of Soaps is Just Too Compelling For it Not to Survive"

General Hospital veteran-turned-web soap creator Tristan Rogers spoke to TV Guide Canada about why he initially left ABC daytime's flagship series, and why he's now pledging his time to seeing the soap opera genre revitalized via his upcoming multi-platform sudser Reality Bytes.


TVG: When you starred on GH, and please correct me if I’m wrong, I got the impression that you wanted to leave daytime for bigger things. And here you are now trailblazing the soap medium into the future. You’ve also become one of soap opera’s biggest advocates. Has that surprised you?

TR: Yes. Because I’m tired of participating in a medium that isn’t evolving, I find myself extremely passionate about helping it evolve. This is a genre that I feel very strongly about because it’s beautifully simplistic in its own way and it’s great entertainment. Consequently, even though I understand why the networks are doing what they’re doing from an intellectually business point of view, I find it hard to believe it’s disappearing simply because it hasn’t evolved. I believe it’s possible that the soap medium can resurrect itself. C’mon — talent shows were history until American Idol came along. I have to believe that someone will come along and do the same thing for soaps again. The nature of soaps is just too compelling for it not to survive.

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