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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved watching Dante and Lucky tag team, playing good cop/bad cop to try and get Kiefer to accidentally tell the truth. It's good to see police officers with half a brain and using them.


Again, I'm glad we didn’t see Kiefer actually hitting Kristina, although I did wonder why she didn’t fight back a little. It’s not like Kiefer’s a giant guy and she’s got to be more pissed than scared at this point.

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I’m glad Alexis bumped into Kiefer as he was leaving and hopefully heard him say that “she made him do it.” That way she won’t think it was Ethan and that Kiefer just happened to be running from her home. By the way, where was Ethan? Just to be sure he had an alibi.

I loved that Tracy had the smarts to go round up Jax to get Skye off her hands. I liked the Skye/Jax reunion and could get behind a hook up there, if it didn’t mean that Carly would automatically head back to Sonny.

I loved that Claire had the smarts not to get volatile Johnny to say what Sonny said to Claudia that night. Rather Robin, the Sonny defender, had to be the one to spit out the ugly words that Sonny spoke. My only gripe is that once Diane was finished getting Robin to paint Sonny as the greatest father that ever fathered, Claire should have come back with a reminder of what else Sonny said that night.

It was good to see Maxie feeling better, but I get a feel short changed from that story. She was on death’s door, gets a visit from dead Georgie and then boom, she’s all better. Okay. I loved that Maxie was trying to manipulate the judges so that she wouldn’t have to testify. Silly girl.

Does it not occur to Carly and Jason that maybe it’s best for everyone if Michael comes back and confesses?