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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Adam/Genoa City residents: Jack tells Victor and Nick that Adam's on the loose after he assaulted Emily. Meanwhile, Sharon heads to her room and is shocked to find her soon-to-be ex holding Faith! Sharon doesn't know what Adam will do after all the chaos he's created, especially involving Faith. Adam pleads with Sharon to leave town with him and even goes so far as to admit everything he's done. Adam declares his love for Sharon and tries to get through to her that he does love her. Sharon doesn't absolve him of anything and calls him a monster for the schemes he's pulled. Nick shows up and Adam escapes out the window. Adam calls Sharon and tells her he's going to give up to the police and says he in the GCAC's basement. Everyone starts to hunt Adam down and while Nick searches for his little brother, he finds a gas leak.

Before anyone can evacuate, an explosion rocks the club and many people are badly injured (guess the GCAC's part of the check list Maria has). Nick desperately searches for Sharon and Faith and finds an unconscious Sharon with an unharmed Faith. Meanwhile, Nick's big sister is missing in action. Billy and Victoria left the ball earlier and hit the sheets when the explosion took place. In the aftermath of the chaos, a body burned beyond recognition (shocker) is carried from the basement. The question is, will it be Adam or someone else?

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Chance: He pledges to bring Adam's killer to justice.

Lauren: While in the ladies room, Lauren spots a guest who starts to make her nervous. She brushes it off, heads back to the party and talks to Paul, when she sees Daisy walking by. Lauren goes after Daisy and heads to the bathroom, where she's trapped with Sarah, Ryder and Daisy. Lauren isn't aware of who exactly Sarah is or what she looks like, but nonetheless is scared. Later, Lauren winds up in a cage blindfolded, tied up and gagged. Meanwhile, Michael finds out his wife's missing and tells Kevin. The brothers try to come up with a reason why Ryder, Sarah and Daisy want Lauren.

Lauren and Jana figure out they are together when Lauren hears her crying. The in-laws put their heads together to determine why they are in the circumstances they are in. Jana attempts to tell Lauren all about Sarah, but she's too terrified after being locked up in a box because of her escape attempt. Suddenly Jana hears someone approaching them and shuts up. Lauren grills Daisy and Ryder on what's going on, but the twins only reveal that when Sarah comes, everything will be explained to her. Lauren starts to realize the severity of the situation and is scared out of her mind. Michael and Kevin frantically try to find Lauren before something deadly happens.

Michael/Kevin: The brothers are in a race against time to figure out Ryder and Daisy's plans.

Victoria: She puts Reed first in a tough decision she's facing.