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RUMOR REPORT: Is Jean Passanante Returning to One Life to Live?

Et, tu Brutisha? How's this for a way to start your weekend off right? Toups over at Soap Opera Network is hearing Jean Passanante will be rejoining the One Life to Live writing team (she got her soap slaying start there in 1992) as a "breakdown writer" once As The World Turns— the second soap she and Chris Goutman tag team tanked, Another World being the first— ceases production in June. With head writer Ron Carlivati's contract rumored to be up around that time, this has caused sheer pandelirum online about the possibilty that she who destroyed my Carl, Rachel, Vicky and Jake Passanante will ultimately assume the top spot on the show's writing staff.


Daytime Confidential contacted ABC Daytime for comment yesterday, but has heard hide nor hair back concerning the rumors, but considering this development would make about as much horse sense as Warren Buffett hiring Bernie Madoff to consult for Berkshire Hathaway, let's all hold hands and pray to Soap Jesus that none of it's true. I know I'm already talking in tongues as we type.

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