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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Chloe/Daniel/Carly: The songbird gets Melanie and Phillip to swing by for brunch under the pretense of getting to know Daniel's daughter. What Chloe really wants is to team up with Melanie against Carly. The brunch gets squashed when Carly calls wanting to see Melanie and Daniel at the hospital. Chloe gripes to Phillip about her current situation. Phillip soothes his high school sweetheart by telling her how much Daniel loves her. Later, Chloe swings by the hospital and spies the trio sharing a scene straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Chloe's heart breaks a bit seeing Daniel, Melanie and Carly together laughing and having a good time. Her insecurities start to get the best of her and she wonders how she can compete with Daniel's instant family. Things go from bad to worse when Daniel has Carly move in with them to keep her safe from Vivian while Bo's away. Chloe is shocked by Daniel's decision, but keeps him in the dark about how she truly feels. Later, Chloe bumps into Father Matt and breaks down.

Nicole: She tells Chloe not to give up on Daniel


Brady: He tells Sami to keep her guard up with EJ. Later, he runs into Nicole and wants her to leave town.

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EJ/Stefano: While getting a massage, Anna freaks out when her masseuse is replaced by Stefano! He threatens Anna, who finally breaks and tells him EJ was the one behind Sydney's kidnapping all along. At first he doesn't believe her, but when Anna explains the situation in great detail, Stefano's shock turns into anger. Anna begs him to work things out with his son so that EJ and Sydney can be part of his life again. A pissed off Stefano decides to bust EJ instead. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami have started to get close again when he gives her a hug after a bad day Sami's having. Will comes up on the situation and flips out. Will/Sami/EJ have a bit of a confrontation prompting Will to leave the townhouse in a huff.

Stefano calls EJ under the pretense of wanting to make a deal regarding the DiMera mansion and money. EJ fills Sami in on everything and admits he thinks he's bested Stefano. Sami, on the other hand, is scared the two will mend fences since she knows Stefano's always been the source of conflict between her and EJ. EJ heads over to the house and Stefano starts to question EJ about his involvement in Sydney's kidnapping. EJ denies any knowledge about it. Stefano busts him with a tape of the conversation he had with Anna! EJ is stunned by the evidence. Stefano threatens to turn the tape over to Rafe, causing EJ to try to call his father's bluff. Stefano tells EJ the tape will stay hidden if he and Sydney move back into the mansion so they all can be one big happy family again. EJ's against the idea since Sami will be hellbent against it. EJ starts to feel trapped into a no-win situation.

Adrienne/Justin: She tells Hope how scared she is for Justin. Justin and Adrienne have a close moment.

Phillip: He eavesdrops on Melanie and Stephanie talking about Mel's letter to Nathan.

Melanie: She shares her thoughts with Daniel.

EJ: He makes Sami agree to his request.