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Andrea Evans RETURNS to Y&R.... But Not as Patty

As if life in Twin Peaks, er Genoa City wasn't confusing enough these days, what with two Emilys, a Sheila Bot, some random twins, crazy, blind, charbroiled (Or is he?), Adam; a pending (SPOILER ALERT) Lauren-a-like and Dru Droid, no Nikki, the baby (Faith), the bathwater and the rest of the kitchen sink thrown in for not-so-good measure, now comes news from TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan that Andrea Evans is returning to the series for one episode.

The soap legend won't be playing Patty since that role is already being masterfully handled by Stacy Haiduk— winner of the 2010 Kim Zimmer Award for Turning Shit Into Sugar, sponsored by WASH IT (TM) brand feminine hygiene products— instead Evans is bringing her trashy character Tawny from The Bold and the Beautiful to town to mix it up with Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford).

I know, maybe Tawny and Patty can be long lost (wait for it) twin sisters, triplets even, (Malcolm can be their brother) or clones of Mary Williams?! When has implausibilty stopped Auntie Ri Ri Mrs. BellCertainly not recently. Oh well, I am excited to see Evans, at any rate. Sigh, I love me some Tawny, with her baby switching behind, so I will definitely tune in to see what tomfoolery the Death Valley diva gets herself into in this wacky, new view of Bill Bell's once tempestuous Wisconsin hamlet.  How much y'all wanna bet Brian Frons will offer Evans her old job back now that she's been on the CBS premises again?

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