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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES SCANDAL: Nicollette Sheridan SUES Marc Cherry, Claims Assault!

A not so beautiful day in the neighborhood. The onscreen drama of ABC's Desperate Housewives appears not to hold a candle to the hit soap opera/comedy's behind-the-scenes shenanigans, that is, if you believe the shocking claims of one former series regular. Nicollette Sheridan, who for five seasons stole husbands and scenes on Wisteria Lane as maneater Edie Britt, is suing DH creator Marc Cherry for a cool $20 million, claiming assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination. TMZ broke the story on Monday.


According to the website's report, Sheridan— who shot to fame as Paige Mathison on the long-running CBS primetime sudser Knots Landing (She also brought my all-time favorite fiction heroine, Lucky Santangelo to life in the 1990 NBC minseries Lucky Chances!)— says the former Golden Girls scribe struck her across the head and face on set when she asked about a line in the script. Five will get you 10 he never tried that business with Bea Arthur!

 Sheridan's suit goes on to claim when the actress complained to ABC about Cherry's alleged behavior, the showrunner fired her and killed off her character. Megan McTavish would be proud. In another outrageous claim, Sheridan's team alleges when her costar Teri Hatcher found about about the supposed abuse and complained to TPTB, Cherry reportedly wished Hatcher dead, saying, "I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies."  Sheesh, and I thought my old newspaper boss was a douche because he gave us hams one year for Christmas instead of a bonus. No word yet from ABC or Cherry's camp on these scandalous developments. 

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