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TV Guide Magazine Talks to Brett Claywell, After Elton and Me on OLTL Kish Off!

For his wrap up story on One Life to Live's Kishtastrophe, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke to Brett Claywell (Kyle), After Elton's astute editor Michael Jensen,ABC Daytime's top PR person Jori Petersen and me. Since it would be totally egotistical to pull one of my own quotes— and we all know I am as meek and humble as a wee lamb— I am gonna grab one of Jensen's on-the-money statements: 


The firing will leave CBS’ As the World Turns as the only soap with gay characters right now, and that has AfterElton’s Jensen noting a disconnect. “Isn’t the goal of the soaps—and really all programming —to lure younger viewers?” he asks. “Well, it’s the younger viewers who are just fine about seeing gay people on TV. They are much more tolerant than older viewers. They live in a world where diversity is increasing and is an accepted part of life.”

Jensen adds that gay fans feel a sense of ownership when it comes to gay characters. “We have so few good representations out there that you become attached to the ones that do exist,” he says. “Obviously, we can’t demand that OLTL keep gay characters on its canvas. It’s their show, not ours. But we sure have a right to say ‘If you have no gay characters then you’re not doing your job when it comes to reflecting reality.

For the rest of the article, where ABC finally gives some form of an explanation as to why they are booting off one of their daytime lineup's most popular pairings, and you know, to read my quotes click here!

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