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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Once again... Amazing acting all around! GH has literally had me on the edge of my seat these past few weeks with this incredible story, KUDOS! 

Confession Time! Alexis will confess to Mac that she was the one who ran down Kiefer with her car. What will the Police Commissioner do? Arrest his lady! Alexis is released rather quickly and Mac MAY be making promises he can’t keep. Kiefer’s mama isn’t done with her screaming rampage as she once again lets Alexis have it and adds Kristina to her list. Will Alexis turn to Jax for help with the Bauer’s? She wants Jax to talk to his business associate and see if he is able to move past his son’s death and Kristina’s beatings. Watch out Warren, Jax won’t like it when he finds you “harassing” his best friend’s daughter.

Nikolas and Kristina… I asked once before, have these two shared the screen before? Apparently Nikolas gets through to the troubled teen when he invites her out to his scary castle. Explain to me how a scared and withdrawn girl is supposed to feel safe and comforted at Wyndamere, especially with Helena running around. In Guza world scary castles are just the cure! Helping out with Spencer is what Nik uses to lure the teen out to the island.

Elizabeth… What’s next for the nurse? She’ll be working with terminal patients and gaining a new perspective on life. Will working with one cancer patient in particular help Elizabeth move past Lucky? RUMOR has it that just when Elizabeth has moved on, Lucky MAY be ready to try again.

Lucky’s new digs… Yep, he’s moving on up. Was anyone else shocked when he told Maya no one lived at the Ward house? News to me that he moved out and I guess GH got some new sets. Those Maxie – Lucky scenes coming up? Decorating tips for the new crib.

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Speaking of Maxie… She may love Spinelli but, can she love him forever? What will Maxie be spilling to Jason?

Courtroom Drama! Can’t find the son you want, use the one you can. Morgan takes the stand but, Dante won’t have it. Sorry Detective Falconari, its handcuffs and a cell for you, you’re in contempt! Will Carly get her son out of court? Will Sonny suggest that Dante quit the force? Will Dante confess to Lulu that he’s already considered the very thing his father suggested?

Ronnie goes looking for Michael… with a subpoena in hand. Before Ronnie makes it to paradise, Jax pays his step-son a visit to remind him that staying put is what will be best for all involved. Dante tips off Jason that Ronnie is island bound.

I mentioned Jason’s plan and Claire’s deal…Sonny turns them both down! Claire offers Sonny a plea deal that includes keeping his kids off the witness stand. I know I don’t have a law degree but if Sonny takes a plea, wouldn’t that mean there’s no need for anymore witnesses? I digress; the plea deal is involuntary manslaughter and five counts of RICO aka racketeering charges. Sonny would be looking at ten years behind bars! It’s Morgan that has Sonny thinking about taking the deal but, it’s Jason to the rescue who wants to take the plea! Will Sam let her man take the fall? We know Carly won’t! No worries ladies, Claire isn’t interested in Jason’s offer and Sonny turns Claire down cold.

Morgan makes his way back on the stand… Yep, with no deal, Claire calls Morgan as a witness! He doesn’t do too much damage but Morgan did not help dad’s case. Will Carly fair better on the stand? Port Charles best liar has a little anxiety over her testimony but, come on now, this is Carly!

CRAZY and RANDOM… Lulu opens up to Carly about Dante and the abortion situation. Will Jax succeed in hiding Michael from Ronnie? Moral dilemma on GH? No, you don’t say? Luke and Alexis want to know what Helena has up her sleeve. Dante has proof that Michael killed Claudia! Will he spill it? Skye needs help from Luke. Warren gets to Alexis when he publicly calls her a murderer.