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My New FAVE Y&R Couple Makes The Cover of Soaps In Depth!

I know, I know. This revelation is going to cause a lot of DC's readers and listeners to scratch their heads (much like I did at learning those twins belong to Sheila this week. Sigh. Maria, Maria, Maria.), not to mention my podcast co-hosts, but I admit it. I love me some Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle)! Listen, I am as shocked by this development as anyone, but I do, I adore this pairing that I was so prepared to hate. 


It could be that Billy and Vicky's burgeoning, realistic love story, fraught with decades' worth of PLAUSIBLE conflict betwixt two warring dynasties is the only tale worth watching on what is quickly becoming a soap operatic train wreck of ginormous, LML-like proportions, featuring one insanely-stupid, stupid STUPID lookalike story after another (more on that later) or it could simply be that Miller is bringing out something fun and mischievous in Heinle, which is translating very well onscreen.

Yep, it's offical. Heinle has been Millered! Now then, can Magic Miller (he's been upgraded from Killer as a result of his latest successful assignment) go sit next to Maria, Hogan and Scott when they write the rest of the show, so his wonderful goodness can inspire and/or rub off on their writing, before Victor's twin Lictor comes to town to, oh I don't know, eats all of the horses on the Newman ranch because their caretaker at the orphanage fed Victor more curds and whey than Lictor? 

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