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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The performance of the week has got to go to Nancy Lee Grahn. She has been absolutely amazing through this whole thing, from finding Kristina on the floor, to hitting

Kiefer and being in denial of it, to realizing what she did and confessing first to Diane and then finally to Sam.

Having said that, I’m not happy that the writers went in that direction in the first place. Death was too easy for Kiefer. He deserved to pay and be punished for spending months hitting Kristina. I hate that Alexis is the one who hit him. She always gets the short end of the stick in terms of the storyline and I hate it. But at least I get to see NLG in action.

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Are we supposed to believe that there are cameras on every single street in Port Charles, which all happen to record everything that Spinelli and Jason ever have to look for? Also, if they suspected Alexis, wouldn’t it have been easier to go to the hospital parking lot and find Alexis’ car, which likely has a Kiefer size dent in it?

I love that Claire doesn’t let Sonny intimidate her and I was glad the judge told Sonny to park his butt.

I love Dante, but I hate that he’s become a protector of all things Corinthos. It will just look worse if he tries to stop Claire from questioning Morgan. It will look like he’s trying to hide something. I thought he wanted Sonny punished, but now it’s starting to look like he’s trying to tank the case, and I hate that. I do not want my Dante to be “Corinthicated”.

I hated Luke getting on his high horse to Lulu about the bad, bad police who are out to persecute Ethan. Why is it that he’s barely given a crap about Lulu and Lucky for years, but gets his panties in such a bunch about Ethan?

As for Ethan and whatever con he happened to be pulling that caused the accident to his car, is it really that super secret that he can’t mention it, despite being arrested for murdering a teenage boy?

I’m already tired of Liz making mistakes at work and Steven wringing his hands and sniping at her about it.