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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Steffy: She throws herself at Oliver and takes him on a trip down memory lane regarding their kiss. Sucks for Steffy that Oliver doesn't give her the response she was looking for.

Owen/Jackie: At the Jackie M photo shoot, Ms. Knight picks up on Owen's new demeanor this time around from the last ad campaign and shoot.

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Bill: He decides to use Donna in his new scheme.

Donna/Eric: Everything's not so sweet in the kingdom of honey bear. Donna leaves Eric after they have a fight regarding Stephanie and the accident with Beth. Donna wants to take Stephanie to court, but Eric refuses to do so.

Stephanie ends up being let off the hook by the authorities. Donna then heads to Bill to vent about her situation. Later, she comes home to see Stephanie still shacking up at La Forrester mansion and draws a line in the sand with Eric. Donna tells Eric to be done with Stephanie or she's outta there! Eric refuses, prompting Donna to leave him!

Stephanie: She attempts to persuade the Logan family that Beth's accident was just that, an accident.