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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Victoria: The Newman heiress heads to Billy's to make sure their alibis do not include the duo sweating up the sheets at the GCAC the night of Adam's murder. Victoria's hellbent on nobody getting a clue as to what she was doing, since she's still legally hitched to JT and doesn't want to lose custody of Reed. Victoria also knows big daddy Victor will not be happy to hear she's breaking headboards with the Abbott bad boy. She and Billy fabricate stories on where they were when Adam was killed. Billy says he was with a nameless female in his room while Victoria lies and says she was disoriented due to the smoke and rubble and wasn't able to see exactly where she  was. Victoria goes on to say that she was confused and wasn't able to find anyone, but managed to find her family afterwards. Unfortunately for her, the story isn't really backed up since there aren't any witnesses.

The police also find evidence near Adam's charred remains that links Victoria to having knowledge about who snuffed out her half-brother. Later, Chance arrives at the ranch with warrant in hand, serves it on JT and proceeds to search the house. Victoria arrives after the search is over. Both she and JT are in shock over everything and have no idea she's connected to Adam's death. Victoria's world gets even bleaker when JT informs her he's leaving the ranch with Reed. The timing couldn't have been worse for her. JT explains to her he doesn't want Reed to be caught up in the Newman drama that follows Victoria and he wants their son away from the craziness. Victoria agrees to JT leaving with Reed for the time being, since everything's become chaotic. Things for Victoria get a lot more dire when the police arrest her for Adam's murder.

Sarah: Her identity's revealed and so are her plans. Sarah switches places with Lauren (shocker) and attempts to seduce Michael.

Jill: She gets huge dirt for Restless Style but it has huge consequences. If Jill decides to run with it, her world will never be the same.

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Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire (cue laugh track and Richard Branson being pissed) has a thing for Ms. Abbott. Tucker sees the two being a bit similar and also feels as though each can help the other to move on from the pain they've faced. The two things in the way are Neil's budding relationship with Ashley, and Victor! Victor's no fan of Tucker and also doesn't approve of anyone his ex has decide to take up with. Watch for interesting things to come involving these two. Meanwhile, will Neil and Ashley finally hit the sheets? The 15th's coming up, so you never know!)

Ryder: He goes to Abby for help.

Victor: He admits to being with Adam before the explosion occurred. Victor divulges the information Adam has on his computer.

Olivia: She returns to town and is stunned to see Malcolm (I bet she is!).

Kevin: He comes to a shocking conclusion.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: They search for a jacket.