Hot or Not: All My Children’s JR and Annie


I was pleasantly surprised, during Friday’s episode of All My Children, to discover how much I enjoyed the scenes between JR (Jacob Young) JR and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan). Young and Egan displayed amazing chemistry as JR tried to seduce his “evil step mother” in an attempt to get leverage on her and throw her out of his family.

After JR’s relationships with Babe 2.0 (Amanda Baker) and that wet blanket Marissa (Brittany Allen), not to mention the drawn out cancer storyline, it’s refreshing to see JR getting his mojo back. Even better is the possibility JR’s scheme could blow up in his face and cause an all out war between him and Annie just as they begin to fight feelings for one another. I say bring it on AMC! What do you guys think?

Are JR and Annie hot together?