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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Philip: He overhears Melanie and Stephanie going at each about Melanie's feelings for Nathan. Stephanie mentions Melanie would've given up her wedding to Phillip for Nathan. Melanie spots Phillip looking on the scene and wonders if he heard everything she and Steph are talking about. Philip pretends as though he didn't hear a thing. Stephanie heads off to let the couple talk. Melanie reveals the lingering feelings she had for Nathan, but admits they are long gone and doesn't tell him about the letter. Philip uses this time as an opportunity for Melanie to admit everything and she declares her love for Phillip and lets him know Nathan's her past. The duo hit the sheets, but in the back of Philip's mind he knows his wife still cares for Nathan and it bothers him.

Later, Philip attempts to offer Melanie another shot to admit everything, but she doesn't and it irks him to know she's still holding back on him. Philip talks with Chloe about the situation and mentions the only way to find out if his wife's moved on from Nathan is to see the two together and to watch her reaction. Meanwhile, Melanie and Nathan run into each other and Philip sees his wife tense up. It breaks his heart to know Melanie is still carrying a torch for her ex. Mel tell Nathan how much she loves Philip. In that moment the young Kiriakis is elated, but that changes when Nathan and Melanie receive word a patient they knew has died, which brings them closer.

Sami: She learns Rafe's still hot on Anna's trails.

Stefano: He wants to bury the hatchet with Sami.

Nathan/Melanie: The two try to cope with the feelings they have for one another.

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Stefano/EJ: The Phoenix lets his son know he'll keep quiet on Sydney's kidnapping for a price. Stefano tells EJ to move the kids back to the mansion! EJ's stuck between a rock and a hard place since he knows Sami will hit the roof about Stefano's request. The DiMera patriarch is clueless about his son's renewed feelings for Ms. Brady.

Later, EJ heads to Sami's place and spins a story that his father is dying, to garner sympathy! At first Sami's not keen on the idea of the kids visiting Stefano, but she agrees. Later, Stefano picks up on his son being in love with Sami again. What he does with this latest revelation, may surprise you.

Hope/Adrienne: The women to battle over Justin.

Daniel: He hears Chloe badmouthing Carly.

Kate: She lets her daughter-in-law know about her duties.

Arianna/Nicole: The rivals put their differences aside to join forces.

Carly: She convinces Daniel to make up with Chloe.