One Life to Live Spoilers!


I'm baaaack! It's that time again, folks. One Life to Live spoilers are back and in full force this week. A custody battle, a possibly serious illness and a reveal shake things up in Llanview. I hope everybody is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of April 12th.


Rex/Allison: Kyle lets Rex know that Mitch's stem cells indeed saved Shane's life. This information leads Rex on a quest to find out if Mitch is really his father. Rex decides to pay Allison a visit to see if she knows anything about his real parents. Allison claims not to know anything about Rex's family history, but she does give him the name of a nurse, Nurse Wojohowitz, who could possibly help him. While trying to track down the nurse, Rex gets evidence that disproves the theory that Mitch is his father. Rex can only hope will will get the answers he needs from the nurse, but did Allison give Rex the right information?

Sierra Rose/Kyle/Fish/Gigi: The battle for custody of Sierra Rose is on when Fish and Kyle face off against Gigi in the courtroom. Fish uses his rights as Sierra Rose's biological father and his feelings for her as the basis for his case. After seeing this, Gigi backs down from wanting custody of Sierra Rose. Fish and Kyle are awarded full custody of Sierra Rose.  The couple promises Gigi she will be a huge part of her niece's life. Will Gigi later regret her decision of letting Kyle and Fish have custody of Sierra Rose?

Langston/Markko/Ford: Langston decides to break up with Markko at La Boulaie. As Langston is about to cut Markko loose, Dorian butts into their conversation. Dorian goes on and on about how lucky Langston is to have Markko. Dorian's words cause Langston to chicken out. Later, Langston swears to Starr that she will break things off with Ford, but has no intention of doing what she says.

In the meantime, Ford fills Langston's head with more lies of them being made to be together, while still sleeping with other girls. How long will it be before Ford's lies catch up with him?

Todd/Starr/Cole/Hannah: Starr and her big mouth spill the beans about Langston and Ford to Cole. She even tells Cole that Langston intends to break up with Markko as soon as possible. Shortly after their talk, Markko arrives at the diner. Cole quickly gets the wrong idea about his attitude. Later, Hannah and Cole are at his apartment when she spills coffee on her shirt. Cole offers to dry her shirt, leaving the young girl in her bra. As her shirt comes off, Todd walks in and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Todd wants to get knee deep in Cole's behind, but Cole quickly explains what's going on. Todd leaves but refuses to believe Cole.  Todd swears to himself to rid Starr of Cole once and for all. Also, Todd has a chat with Tea about their future.

Meanwhile at the play rehearsal, Starr has a hard time reliving her history with Todd and Cole. After the scenes, Cole shows up and tells Starr what just happened with her father. Cole is hurt when Starr doesn't take his side right off the bat. Is it trouble in paradise for Starr and Cole?

Tea: Tea walks out of the courtroom and faints. Fortunately, Eli catches Tea before she hits the ground and brings her to the hospital. Tea comes to and convinces everyone she is okay. Greg lets Tea leave, but really believes she should have a full physical. Is there something seriously wrong with Tea?

Blair/Eli: Todd gets on Blair's last good nerve when she has a dinner date with Eli, who is running late.  After dealing with Todd, Blair patiently waits for Eli. Eli shows up and the two have a nice dinner. Can Blair and Easy E make it work?

Natalie/Marty: Natalie has a talk with Brody where she admits to having strong feelings for John again. Natalie continues to tell Brody that she honestly thinks she and John could have reconciled if Marty hadn't gotten pregnant. Unbeknownst to Natalie, Marty has been listening to her entire conversation with Brody. Marty makes her presence known and the two women face off. Natalie eats Marty's lunch and dinner, but quickly feels remorse for the things she said.

Marty's week doesn't get any better when she has a chat with Todd. Todd, still hurt about Tea, chews Marty out, but this time she stands up for herself, big time. Todd leaves uttering threats at Marty, but she blows him off. As Marty leaves the hospital, tragedy strikes. What happens to Marty?

Dorian/Charlie/Viki: Dorian wants to build a new City Center in Llanview and asks Charlie if he wants to head construction on the job. Charlie and Dorian talk about making a deal as Viki walks in seeing them together. Will Viki get the wrong idea?

John/Kelly: John and Kelly investigate a lead on Kelly's mysterious caller that brings them to a woman named Mrs. Stevens. Mrs Stevens was the administrator of the mental institution where Melinda died. John and Kelly's conversation with Mrs. Stevens makes them believe the calls are coming from within Mrs. Stevens' office. Kelly goes into Mrs. Stevens' office to snoop around and someone confronts her. The person turns out to be Rodney, a patient in the hospital who Mrs. Stevens says is completely harmless. John thinks Rodney has something to do with the phone calls. Is John on the right track? 

Jessica/Brody/Cristian/Layla: Brody visits Jessica to talk about the date she owes him. Jessica goes out with Brody to Ultraviolet and surprisingly has a good time. However, the good time quickly turns sour when Jessica sees Cristian and Layla on a date there as well. Naturally, Jessica throws a hissy fit like a two-year-old in K-Mart because she can't bear to see Cristian with someone else. Even after Jessica does all this, Brody refuses to give up on her.

Later, Jessica asks Cristian to the prom, but he turns her down explaining he's going with Layla—end of story. Before he leaves, Cristian tells Jessica she should go with Brody. Jessica doesn't pay any attention to Cristian's advice on her prom date and buys a single ticket to the prom. 

Sneak Peeks at the Week of April 19th:

  • Starr puts her foot down to Todd.
  • John makes a shocking discovery.
  • Natalie is devestated.
  • Langston continues to fall for Ford's tricks.
  • Tea and Todd have a confrontation.
  • John makes a promise to Marty.
  • Layla gets the wrong idea.