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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maybe it was the mood I was in, but I found today’s episode rather messy and annoying.


Alexis confessed to Mac, who quietly arrested and released her. Are you telling me the media wouldn’t have gotten wind of that and had a field day with it? They were all over her about the one night stand with Mayor Floyd, but running over a teenage boy doesn’t get noticed?

Alexis also confessed to Kristina, who, surprisingly to me, accepted the fact that her mother ran down and killed her precious boyfriend. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but acceptance on Kristina’s part was not it. Now, I’m not saying I wanted Kristina to start ranting and raving and screaming at her mother, but since that’s sort of been her attitude lately, I’m surprised she didn’t.

Ethan continued to get the short end of the stick, but unlike weeks ago, where I was upset by Ethan’s problems, I’m now annoyed enough with Ethan’s behaviour to no longer care. Kristina shouldn’t have accused him of killing Kiefer, but Ethan should have just walked away. On the other hand, Kristina owes him the biggest apology there ever was. For once Luke made sense, in telling Lucky that Kristina, Alexis and Sonny all owe Ethan an apology and I’d throw Sam in there as well, considering she got physical with Ethan.

Dante tried to stop the court from beating up on poor Morgan, who was actually doing surprisingly well on the stand, all things considered. Dante got tossed in jail for his efforts. Sonny stopped by pulling a Darth Vader and asking his son to come to the Dark Side, but Dante isn’t quite ready to become a junior douchebag just yet.

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Carly yelled at Jax for the eleventy billionth time, screeching that he’s evil for wanting a criminal behind bars. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer care what Carly’s point is. I’m just so very tired of her yelping at Jax, that I’m willing to be on Jax’s side, no matter what he does from here on out, except maybe if he kicks a puppy. That, I can’t condone.

The only thing that kept me happy today was the lovely little Lulu/Dante jail scene where she very pleasantly listened to his side of the story and offered her support.

Hopefully tomorrow’s a better day in Port Charles land!