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Tracey Bregman Weighs in on if Y&R is Becoming Passions

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In an interview with TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan, consummate trooper Tracey Bregman weighs in on whether The Young and the Restless is becoming more and more like Passions.

Lately, there’s been a big shift in tone at Y&R. It’s becoming more and more like Passions.

I think the mysteries are tweaked a little bit more, and there is the fun, fantasy element of Sheila’s twins, Daisy and Ryder, but it’s still based somewhat in the reality of the relationships. We still have the rich, family stories and the romances. Y&R’s success has always been based on the audience’s connection to the characters. Don’t forget it was [Y&R creator] Bill Bell who had Lauren buried alive, and that was a wild, very emotional story. As long as you can keep the character relationships on point, I think the audience will go for the ride. When it gets outlandish on other shows, I find it difficult as a viewer to connect with that. But I don’t think that’s ever been Y&R’s problem.

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