's Buppies to be Honored at 4th Annual Webby Awards!



YES! YES! YES! The announcement for honorees and nominees at the upcoming 14th Annual Webby Awards went out today, and a MAJOR shout out to the brazilliant peeps behind's smash hit web series Buppies, which is being honored at the webcast. Buppies creator Julian Breece and producer Aaliyah Williams did the damn thang with this amazing, mocha, web soap opera, along with the talented cast (led byTatyana Ali as Black Carrie Bradshaw, Quinci), and crew. Over 10,000 web series submitted themselves to be honored by the Webbys, but only the cream of the crop made the cut. I cannot WAIT to see what Breece and Williams' shingle Game Theory Productions does next! SO proud to see Buppies get the recognition it deserves.

Other web dramas to be honored are included after the jump.

Angel of Death

Anyone But Me

Dead & Lonely


Mysteries of The Universe: The Dharma Initiative



The Book of Jer3miah

The Vetala