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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


I love it! Yes I love GH! While I admit, the canvas could be spread out a bit more; I am once again in love with my favorite daytime drama. Do you know how good that feels to write? I know I have already gushed about the incredible acting we’ve been treated to ,however it just continues to come at us week after week. How great will it be to go into Sweeps on such a high note?

Now, I know, where there is praise, there must be some criticism and GH is not immune to this. As I mentioned in the latest ABC Podcast, they could most definitely benefit from a legal consultant at Prospect Studios. Never in a million years would that jury fly ,but also the way Morgan was yanked out of school without his parent’s knowledge, unbelievable! Ronnie coaching him as they waited was also illegal! My only other criticism is they really need to spread it out a tad more. I like that we’re seeing the hospital, thanks to Kristina’s beating, and we’re learning about Maya little-by-little, but I’d like to see more than just Kristina’s storyline and Sonny’s trial. We get the little offshoots, Jason wanting to trade places, Carly and Jax going at it for the 12,000,000th time and The Spencer Family's inner turmoil over Ethan’s troubles, but there are plenty of other residents in PC. While I am really enjoying what is on my screen, I would really like to see some of this fabulous writing spread out to other characters. This has always been a struggle for GH in my opinion. With the return of Brooklyn upon us and more focus heading the Quartermaines way, is there hope?

On to the Scoop! Will Warren continue to be a scorned Father who just won’t leave the Davis women alone? He’ll especially continue his attack on Alexis. Does Warren go a little tech savvy and use the internet to terrorize Kristina and Alexis? CRAZY RUMOR that Molly goes to Jason for some “assistance” in getting Warren to back off. Actually, not so crazy, it's exactly what Molly does. Is Sam going to be investigating Kiefer’s dad? Sam decks him! Warren has a camera crew following him and accusses Mac of "protecting" his girlfriend. After Warren says that Krissy got what she deserved, well Warren gets what he deserves in the form of Sam's fist.

Kristina’s battered woman story is not over… One concern is that this is turning into “Alexis Killed Kiefer” and pulling away from the abuse storyline. While we may not get as socially relevant of a story had Kiefer stayed above ground, we SHOULD still see Kristina reliving her beatings. Here’s to hoping that we also see Kristina in therapy as well.

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NuMichael… I’m sorry, I’m still dreading it. I know it may be a tad bit unfair to Mr. Duell but, it’s really TPTB fault. It was a really bad decision to recast the role in the middle of this storyline. I know, we all sound like broken records. This recast has me already deciding that I don’t care. He could be Oscar worthy in the role of Michael and I’ve already decided that I just don’t care. Terrible, I know and most likely I’ll be eating my words in a future blog or podcast. That’s just how much I loved Drew Garrett and how much I was looking forward to this reveal with his face in the role. Ronnie goes to the island with a subpoena. Jason orders Max and Milo to grab Michael and move!  After talking to Michael will Morgan slip and tell Dante where Michael is? You bet! Dante isn't all that proud of himself. It looks like its Dante though who escorts his brother home. Will Michael hide in plain sight? Dante will know what’s up with little brother as Michael tells him he has proof that he was the one to kill Claudia. What's his evidence? The shirt he was wearing the night Claudia died.

Carly is a GREAT witness! Will her testimony get Sonny acquitted? It sure has Claire shaking in her boots. She needs Michael and asks for time to find him.

Why would we need to meet the alternate juror? Is someone compromising their civil duty? Alice wants everyone to do things by the law. Will there be a hold out? Is Dr. Lisa involved somehow?

We’ve been asking ever since news broke she was heading back… what is Skye doing back in PC? And what does she need Luke’s help with? Lorenzo’s money honey. Blaze needs to find it and who better than Luke to help her.

RANDOM and CRAZY…Will Dante confront Sonny after seeing the proof that Michael killed Claudia? Yep! Michael is with Lulu and Maxie sees them. Where in PC will he hide? Will Michael go on the run? Is Brooklyn a friend or a more than friend from Dante’s past? What did Lulu do to piss off Carly? Is the Jason and Lucky love fest over? Olivia tells Johnny she doesn’t want to be his roommate. Does Lulu have the answers that Jason wants? Max and Milo get their butts thrown in jail. Maya goes to Luke for advice on Edward. Will Sonny be found guilty? Will working with a cancer patient be better therapy for Elizabeth than Shadybrook? Carly and Sonny kiss after her testimony. Warren claims there was a police cover-up and it really was Ethan who beat up Kristina.

NO WAY RUMOR of the DAY! Is Matt Hunter actually getting a storyline? RUMORS say that he will in May! When Jason Cook joined the cast everyone assumed his character Matt was Maxie bound and then we barely saw the doctor. Now the word is that his story COULD include Maxie!