All My Children Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop!


It took them long enough… the news the Palmer has passed on hits Pine Valley. Daisy and Nina return home to mourn with family and friends. Was Daisy already in PV? Has Opal known all along about Daisy and Palmer’s secret meetings? As Opal tells Daisy there is no grudge to be held, Daisy shares with Opal that their annual meetings were coming to an end, as Palmer had decided Opal was the only woman for him. Will Adam pay his respects to his “enemy?” With Brooke on his arm, he’s welcomed into Tad’s home. As the clock hits midnight, candles are lit and memories are shared. Brooke shares with Adam that she loves him.

David is off the hook! Can we just call him Sonny? He’s Pine Valley’s version – always charged with something and yet never seems to pay for what he’s done. Will his medical license being revoked be punishment enough? Angie informs David that his license has been revoked, permanently. What will David’s plan be next?

Let’s get back to Brooke and Adam as this is David Canary’s swan song. Brooke may be in love with Adam, but she has no interest in breaking up his marriage, no matter how much she dislikes Annie. Adam knows Brooke is the one for him and still watches as she walks away. Will Stuart’s spirit be able to knock some sense into his twin? Brooke tells JR that she’s leaving Pine Valley and asks Erica to check in on Adam. Are the onetime enemies going out as friends? Erica offers up her jet for Brooke to use.

Busted! Adam walks in on JR and Annie! WooHoo! I love these two and I feel as though I shouldn’t. There is just something about this pairing that has me jumping for joy. JR pisses Annie off when he tells her he only took her to bed to set her butt up. Really JR? We all saw heat, you can’t hide it! As soon as the two are fighting they’re hitting it once again and in walks Adam! How are you going to explain this JR? He tells his Dad it’s all part of his plan to take Annie down. Adam doesn’t buy it and accuses JR of having the hots for his step-mom. Adam doesn’t want to hear whatever Annie is trying to spin. He needs to catch a plane!

Turn that plane around! Adam begs Erica to have the pilot turn the jet around and come back to Pine Valley where he’ll profess his love for Brooke and tell her that his marriage is over. The pair flies off into the sunset…

What will Crazy Annie do now? Adam has left her. JR says it’s all been some plan to ruin her. Well, she goes crazy and trashes the place. Watch out for that poker JR, she’s already killed her brother. Too bad for JR he’s still carrying a torch for his soon to be ex-stepmonster and she’s got some major dirt to hold over his head. Annie wants to stay living in the Chandler Mansion. JR wants her out. “Let me stay” says Annie or I’ll tell Marissa about the real good time we had in our nation’s capital.

Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee… Yes, we know, Kendall and Ryan slept together before your body was even cold. Yes, we know everyone should be as angry as you are. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard this dialogue about a thousand times since you’ve returned from the dead. I’m over it. Can you be over it now? Move on so you and David can have a real relationship now, please. Ryan’s done with her after what she pulls with Kendall, who now decides to not return to Pine Valley. Her own father says he doesn’t know her anymore. Well, David and Greenlee are teaming up and HITTING THE SHEETS! Look out Pine Valley, the Heywards are out for revenge!

RANDOM and CRAZY… Damon goes to court. Brooke writes Adam a letter. Liza gives Annie divorce papers. Annie tells JR she’s in charge. Amanda has a stalker who steals her wedding ring? Damon MAY be learning the truth about him and Tad. Natalia and Brot are a snooze fest in my opinion, but they continue to push each other’s buttons. Natalia has to pose nude. Ryan to the rescue. Who’s the damsel? It's Madison – and David wants dirt on her.