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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I really wanted to say that the scene between Mr. Bauer and Kristina was brilliantly played on both their parts.

Bauer, being all douche-baggish, was waxing poetic about what a great son Kiefer was and all the wonderful things they would have been doing together this summer (which you know was total horse poopy, just based on the handful of scenes we saw between Kiefer and his dad). Then he went on about how Kristina lied and that precious Kiefer didn't beat her.

And Kristina was just sitting in that bed, bawling her eyeballs out, not able to get away. I often wonder if poor Lexi has a giant headache at the end of the day, from all the crying she has to do.

However, I was not happy with Ethan showing up to apologize to K. I get that the apology was for screaming at her by the elevator, and I commend him for that, but the instant he said it, she should have chimed in with her own apology to him.

I got the feeling that scene was more about the writers wanting Ethan to look good in Maya's eyes, if that's the pairing they are hoping for.

Now, on to today. 

I don't understand why Jason would throw himself on his sword, give up 5 years of his life and give up his relationship with Sam, Carly and the boys, just to save Sonny.  Sonny would never do the same if the positions were reversed. 

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I hated that Carly is again saying Jax started all of this. In fact, Sonny started it all by marrying Claudia – thus bringing her craziness into the family – and then calling her out on her birthday in front of a room full of people, knowing how crazy she was.

I loved that Nikolas is finally involved in the Alexis/Kristina story.  I love that he brought Kristina over to Windemere and had her interact with Spencer.

I loved all the Maxie/Lucky scenes – the fun playfulness of the whole story.  I could get behind a hook-up between these two, now that Johnathan is playing Lucky.

I loved the Helena/Tracy scene, although I did wonder why she's constantly talking to that lab tech about changing the results, where anyone can overhear her. 

Funny line of the day #1:

Helena to Tracy:
 "It has not been nice chatting with you"

I loved the Helena/Alexis scene at Windemere.  Helena bringing up Alexis' legal woes and her comments about Kiefer flying over the hood of Alexis's car.

Funny line #2:

Alexis:  What new hell are you bringing us now?

Helena:  Oh, are you still going through menopause?  I'll be sure to tread lightly

I'm not sure I understand the point of the LIz/cancer patient story.  Is she supposed to feel better about her plight in life because she isn't dying?  And how did she already know where Lucky lived if he just moved in?

I agreed with Robin. The hospital ran just fine before Lisa came into their lives.  And why is a sequestered juror allowed to send out notes to the outside, telling people to meet her at Jake's?  Is this trial over yet?