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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis/Nikolas/Helena:  Another day of goodness between this trio.  Helena just relishes what she says and Alexis and Nikolas have gotten to the point where they tolerate it.  I've hated Nikolas through the whole Niz fiasco, but hook him up in scenes with Alexis and Helena with his dry wit and I'm loving it.  Give me good writing and good actors and I'm happy.

Funny line of the day:

Helena to Nik: "Alexis really is a terrible mother, have you noticed?"

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The tone she used for the "have you noticed?" was so spot on Helena that I busted a gut.  Psychotic Helena, commenting on another's parenting skills?  It's just too funny for words.

I hate that it seems as though they're going to have Liz chase after Lucky again.  There's just no way those two should ever be together after what she did to him, and I happen to be a Liz fan.  And what she said to cancer lady was rather an understatement; "we were engaged, and then the baby happened."  Well, if you call boinking your brother-in-law on every surface of his home, without protection, "happened", then yeah.

As a Robin fan, I'm also hating what the writers appear to be doing with her.  She's never had a problem going to Jake's and hanging out, playing darts and having a beer, but today, she's all Miss Negative when Patrick mentions it.  I also hated that Patrick and Steven were essentially singing Lisa's praises as the greatest, most fun person that ever existed and how the world is coming to an end because she's stuck on jury duty.  That, coupled with Patrick ogling that woman right in front of Robin, and this Scrubs fan is not a happy camper.

I hate it when I have to agree with Sonny, but I did today.  For months, Carly has been wringing her hands about Sonny going to prison and what will it do to the kids and it's all Jax' fault that Sonny is going to prison.  Yet today, she's was more than willing for the father of her children to do time, if it meant the true love of her life didn't.  Now, don't get me wrong, I think Sonny should be the one to do the time, and that Jason's plan was stupid from the get-go.  But Carly clearly showed her hypocrisy today. 

I'm hoping Dante starts to realize the truth about who really killed Claudia, especially now that Sonny let that little "I'm not going to prison for something I didn't do" out.  The Dante I fell in love with was smarter than he's been since he was shot.