Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Victor: He takes the rap for Adam's murder.

Patty/Sarah: The two team up to take down their greatest enemies.

Phyllis/Sharon: Rivals join up to protect the man they love, Nick.

Victoria: The heiress is booked for Adam's murder. The police discover the murder weapon, a pen, which was bought in Dubai which happens to be the place where Victoria left for business. As viewers already know, Victoria's alibi is that she was hitting the sheets with Billy, but she keeps quiet and wants him to do the same . Victoria doesn't want her family to know about her "activities" with Billy, and she's also taking the fall for someone else. Chance and the D.A.  review the evidence they have and figure out Victoria wasn't the one who iced Adam. Unfortunately for her, they still keep her as the prime suspect and commence with Victoria's bail hearing.

Jill decides to capitalize on Victoria's arrest and writes an article about it on Restless Style's website. When Billy finds out he hits the roof. Afterwards he heads to court to hear the D.A. arguing against Victoria getting bail and thinks Victoria will finally admit the truth. Victoria doesn't say a word and the judge shoots down her bail application. Billy takes the bull by the horns and and admits Victoria was with him the night of her brother's murder, causing the you-know-what to hit the fan in the courtroom!

Victoria isn't not pleased about Billy's loose lips since she's trying to save someone else she loves. She promptly denies his claims, and Billy is hauled out of court.

Later, JT goes to see Victoria in jail and asks her about Billy's statement and wants to know if he's lying or not. JT figures out Victoria's taking the fall for someone else and thinks its Victor. Billy visits  her and wants to know why would she rather go to jail than admit she was with him. Victoria rips him a new one for divulging their dalliance in court.

Afterwards, Victoria is taken to the interrogation room, where her family is all present.  Michael arrives with the weapon used to kill Adam. Victoria attempts to have her family leave so the evidence in the case isn't revealed to them, but Michael shows them the pen. Nick tells everyone it's his and Victoria gave it to him when she returned from Dubai. Victoria tells her little brother to shut his trap, but Nick tells the DA it was his pen. This latest revelation has everyone wondering, did Nick kill Adam, or was it someone else?

Phyllis/Jack/Patty: Jack tells Red all about "Emily's" pregnancy and reluctance to see a doctor to confirm it. Phyllis tells him to have "Emily" take a home pregnancy test to prove it, and Jack starts to wonder if "Emily's" truly pregnant or not. He also spills to Phyllis he may not be in love with Emily anymore since she isn't the same person he fell in love with.

Phyllis lets Jack know she thinks he plunged into marriage before truly getting to know "Emily". Later, Jack contacts the doctor "Emily" supposedly made her ob/gyn appointment with to discover he's a cardiologist. This puts Jack on high alert and he heads straight for Mrs. Abbott. Jack informs "Emily" she's going to see Phyllis' doctor and "Emily" gets mad and rants about it. Jack is firm on it and leaves while Patty decides to pay Phyllis a visit. She lets her know she wants Phyllis to stay clear of her man. Phyllis informs Patty about Jack having second thought on marrying her. This stuns Patty, but she quickly recovers by clutching Phyllis' chair and crying out in pain.

Patty decides to use her showdown with Phyllis to her advantage and claims their confrontation caused her to lose the baby. She heads back to the Abbott mansion and tells Jack she lost their baby due to her fight with Phyllis. Patty puts on a good show for Jack, but Jackie's not convinced their was a pregnancy in the first place and lets her know as much. Patty tries to come up with a way to convince Jack she was telling the truth when Jack announces he wants her to a physician to examine her. "Emily" flees the mansion and comes up with a plan to save her marriage and to hold onto Jack.