Shawn Christian on Tonight's Secrets of the Mountain: "Something for Everybody"


Days of our LivesShawn Christian previews his TV movie Secrets of the Mountain (airing tonight on NBC) to Damon Jacobs at We Love Soaps. In the interview he shares how the "family flick" has something for everyone to enjoy.

We Love Soaps: Let’s start with your movie, Secrets Of The Mountain, airing on NBC on Friday, April 16th, from 8pm-10pm.

Shawn Christian: It is a wonderful family adventure. WalMart decided, “Let’s put family movie night back into the landscape of television. Let’s try to get families together so they can sit down and watch without the mother being nervous, or having her finger on the pause button, worried about some promiscuous dialogue of scene coming up. Everyone can sit back and relax.

In Secrets Of The Mountain there is something for everybody. There’s a wide-eyed and wonderful ten year old little girl who’s very optimistic and intelligent. There are two bickering teenagers. And then you have the adult storyline of Paige Turco (ex-Dinah, GL), who is a single mom, who comes to this small mountain town. You have my character, Tom Kent, who is single and alone in this small mountain town. They both get swooped up into this adventure when they discover that her uncle, played by the wonderful Barry Bostwick, is alive. Now the whole family is swooped into the adventure involving caves, underground temples, water tunnels, it’s awesome. I think overall what they created is a wonderful family movie that everyone can enjoy.

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