Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott Penning Tell-All


The Young and the Restless’Melody Thomas Scottis in the midst of penning her tell-all autobiography, according to Australia's Nine News . In it, she will recount growing her experiences as a child actor.

Scott says her life would have ended up very differently if it hadn't been for The Young and The Restless, which she joined at the age of 23 in 1979.

"I have no idea where I would've been. Probably dead. I would probably be dead right now," Scott says.

"It was not a healthy environment and my grandmother who raised me was a compulsive hoarder.

"Had my mother raised me rather than my grandmother it's a very hard call what kind of life I would have had.

"I would probably have 17 children by now, living in a trailer. That's just my guess."