General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Kristina, for the love of Pete, stop answering your front door!! Especially when you're home alone. Where's Viola or Molly? Mr. Bauer shows up and gives Kristina Kiefer's journal (What teenage boy keeps a journal? What is he? A teenage girl?!). Then Bauer proceeds to tell Kristina that Kiefer didn't beat her, but Ethan did and she's a lying liar who lies. And Kristina gets this look of belief on her face. I was so hoping Kiefer would have written about the beatings in the journal and Bauer was coming to apologize.  But no.  And why do I get the feeling that Mr. Bauer will tell that story so often that Kristina will actually start to believe it?

I loved Mac telling Ronnie that he had Jax under surveillance and knows that Jax went to Sonny's island and that Michael is likely there. Good to know the PCPD is starting to connect some dots.

Dante ticked me off today. The comforting Morgan scene and the conscience barring Lulu scene were fine. But then when he showed up at the restaurant and confronted Jason about Michael's whereabouts, he basically told Jason, in a round about way, that Ronnie was on his way down to the island to get Michael and that Jason should move him. Redeem your badge and take your place at your father's side, stupidhead.

Good Jax/Michael scene – Jax explaining his side of things and trying to get Michael to understand; Micheal explaining that Sonny is his father and he loves him, trying to get Jax to understand. Through the whole scene I felt so sad, since it's probably one of Drew Garrett's last scenes and I will miss him as Michael.

A crumb for the JaSam fans, cute reconciliation scene between them. Although I would have still kicked him in the family jewels for even considering such a lame deal.

I still don’t understand why Claire needed Morgan’s testimony in the first place. What exactly did she accomplish there?

I hated that Carly brought Josslyn with her to court. I get why she did it, but I hate that she’s that manipulative.