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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Brady: He refuses to help Nicole.

Philip/Chloe: Daniel and his lady love get into a argument when he hears Chloe dogging Carly to Nicole. Chole's still upset that Daniel asked Carly to move in without consulting her. Once Daniel leaves,Vivian eavesdrops on Chloe's bitchfest with Father Matt. When he leaves, Vivian feigns concern for the songbird, but is shot down. Chloe heads out to Father Matt's, who advises her to let Daniel know what's on her mind, how she really feels and that she wants to make their relationship work. Chloe soaks in Father Matt's advice and heads to Memorial to seek out Daniel. Instead, she receives a message he's left stating that he's working a late shift. Chloe bumps into a nurse, who informs her that the gossip mill's talking about Daniel and Carly. The nurse tells her the two are at a fleabag motel and Chloe puts two-and-two together.

Chloe heads for the motel and flashes a picture of Daniel to the front desk manager, who tells her that Daniel has indeed checked in with a female. A crushed Chloe heads home, where she drinks her sorrows away. What Chloe doesn't realize is that Vivian set the entire thing up and the nurse, along with the front desk clerk, are all on her payroll! A drunk Philip stops by and fills Chloe in on spotting Nathan kissing Melanie, assuming his new wife is two-timing him. The duo commiserate over their love life, get ripped and wind up sleeping together. Afterwards, the two feel like they are on cloud nine, without a care in the world and head off to see their significant others. Daniel tells Chloe about his surgery and Melanie fills Philip in about Nathan's letter to her and that the kiss they shared was a goodbye kiss. Both Philip and Chloe feel terrible for their transgressions, but decide to keep mum about it.

Nathan: He hears Philip and Chloe talking.

EJ: He falls into Sami's arms.

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Hope: She takes Nicole to the cop shop for interrogation.

Vivian: Madam slams the REAL Katerina (Carly) for breaking up a happy home.

Rafe: He spots a close moment that EJ and Sami share.

Hope: She starts to take medication to sleep after suffering from the headaches and stress in her life. Fancy Face puts Ciara to bed and heads off to sleep herself. Later, Ciara awakes and finds her mom heading back inside the house and is disturbed since her mom is suppose to be inside sleeping. When Hope sees her, she's unnerved to see her little girl up. Ciara tells her mommy she misses being home and being with her daddy and Hope makes the remark that Justin may soon be her new daddy! Afterwards she has no memory of what happened. Ciara mentions Hope's comments about Justin and she's shocked by it. Hope denies saying so to her little girl and assures her nobody can take Bo's place.

Meanwhile, at work, Hope gets word that Abe was mugged (huh? where's security?!) and also hears Carly tell Bo she loves him. Later, Ciara's school calls and tells her the little lady was busted for stealing. Hope reads her the riot act for having sticky fingers and leaves. Ciara goes into Hope's room and finds a box she has under the bed. Hope opens up to Justin about Ciara acting out ,and he assures her everything will be ok. She then goes to her room and pops another pill. The pills start to make her weird. Hope gets ready and leaves the house with her gun. Justin sees her heading out and asks if she's alright. Hope assures him she's fine and starts to fall asleep. Once Justin leaves, Hope heads out and later on is playing poker and propositioning a man.

Julie: She busts Hope on the pills she's taking.

Stefano: He meets up with Madeline and lets her know how things are going to be.