General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


My goodness, that Jocelyn is a gorgeous baby – giant head, but gorgeous!


Carly is really good at lying.  The thing is, that the majority of that story was true.  Just the end about Sam showing up and then Sonny showing up wasn't, but up until that point, she was milking the story so much the jury didn't know what hit them. 

Claire, however, is dumber than a box of rocks.  The biggest hole in Carly's story was that Sam, after helping Carly deliver, calls Sonny and then goes and gets the car.  Claudia shows up and then Sonny shows up and kills Claudia.  Just how far away was Sam's car or how close was Sonny, that Sonny managed to get to the cabin before Sam returned with the car?  That's the part of the story that should have been suspicious to Claire.  The timeline should have been reviewed with a magnifying glass. That's where Claire was an idiot for not following that lead. 

Good Sam/Kristina scene with Sam trying desperately to get Kristina to see that Kiefer really was an abusive douchebag. 

Line of the day:

Sam to Kris: "You need to stop romanticizing your relationship with Kiefer"

Now that I've given a positive on Sam, I'll give a negative.  Has she not learned anything from beating up Ethan, that she goes and punches out Bauer now?  How much more trouble does the Davis family need?  Hitting someone in the middle of a police station?  Bauer deserved it, but Sam needs to learn to keep her hands to herself.  And I'm still pissed that she hasn't hunted Ethan down and apologized to him yet.

I don't like this incarnation of Alexis.  This fretful, wimpy, hand-wringing woman who doesn't seem to be able to stand up to Bauer.  I want her to stand to her full height, chanel her inner Cassadine and say "I'm sorry I ran down your douchebag son, but if you don't shut it, I'll give you what for."

Speaking of Davis girls, I hate, HATE that Molly went to Jason and asked him to "take care of" Bauer.  See Jason, this is what your mob influence means.

I was so sad when Morgan was talking on the phone with Michael, and we didn't see Michael's side of the conversation, because I figured that means Drew Garrett is officially gone.