Who Killed Y&R's Adam Newman? I Say the Butler Did it!


Who killed Adam Newman (Michael Muhney)? Here's my theory based on the current path the show is on: The evil doppelganger of Victor Newman’s butler Miguel did it! He goes by the name Jose Cuervo (since that's what I have to drink large amounts of to get through an episode of The Young and the Restless as of late). Jose's evil partner-in-crime is Jill Abbott’s lover, the believed-to-be-dead Ji Min Kim. After faking his death, Ji Min spent time in  the same hospital where Patty and Sarah met. There he had  complete facial reconstruction and skin transplant and then put on weight in order to pass himself off as Miguel, so he could infiltrate the Newman family. While still in the hospital, he fell in love with both Sarah and Patty and can’t decide who to choose. This is another first for the No. 1 rated soap. A doppelganger triangle!

Once back in Genoa City, Jose kidnapped and killed Miguel to infiltrate the Newman family and with Patty positioned in the Abbott family, Sarah primed and ready to go in the Baldwin/Fenmore family all three are ready to execute John Abbott’s (who isn’t really dead, but has been off doing the dirty with Sally Spectra on a Caribbean island) master plan to bring down the entire town, except for John’s beloved friend Katherine Chancellor.

Adam’s death and the masquerade ball explosion was actually all just an unfortunate accident. It seems Jose, Sarah and Patty were playing stab the donkey in the chest while the ball was going on upstairs and since they needed an ass Adam was the obvious choice. Jose got a bit drunk and forgot to put out his cigarette. It caught the cellar on fire and all three doppelgangers fled, forgetting Adam in their haste.

So as you see, it wasn’t any of The Young and the Restless prime suspects who killed Adam. The Butler did it. Now back to you regularly scheduled doppelganger programming.

Watch The Young and the Restless' Who Killed Adam? April promo below.