General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I'm not sure how I feel about nuMichael.  I'm trying not to let my love for Drew Garrett bias me in any way, but it was hard to see those scenes today, with someone other than Drew in the role of Michael Corinthos the Third. 

I found it strange that Morgan, who's been pretty tight lipped about Michael's whereabouts for weeks, suddenly spills the beans to Dante about where Michael was moved.  Geez, the only thing he didn't do is draw Dante a map with little arrows.  "You are here."

It was good to see Dante remember that he's a cop and do the right thing by going to get Michael and serving him the subpoena.

Line of the day:

Dante: "Michael Corinthos, you have been served."

I admit, I squeed a little at that. 

It was also good to see Jason turn Molly down and Molly get a moment of self-awareness when she realized that she wouldn't feel right if someone died because of her, even the evil Mr. Bauer.  I was also happy to see Molly confess to her mother what she had done.  She seems to learn from her mistakes far quicker than Kristina does.

Funny line of the day:

 "That's illegal"

Molly:  "No offense, but you do illegal things all the time."

Good Kristina/Skye scene, although Skye is a complete stranger to Kristina and yet K let her in the house without question.  Seriously, that girl needs a lesson in protecting herself and not talking to strangers or letting them in her house.  I loved the Kristina/Ethan scene.  Finally, she apologized to him.  And it was very sweet of him to tell her his humiliating teen/dating story.  I'm hoping the writers repair that relationship and get them back to being friends.

Maybe it's just me, but I really didn't appreciate Carly, Jason and Sonny gloating about beating the legal system once again.  Here's hoping they get a little scared when Dante shows up with Michael.