General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop!


WWDD? What Will Dante Do? Michael’s missing, he now knows that it wasn’t Sonny who killed Claudia and everything is just a big old mess! Does Dante bring Lucky up to speed on everything? Lucky does join in on the search for his missing cousin, but will Dante be able to let Sonny take the fall for Michael?

Where’s Michael? Hiding out with some girls! Maxie tells Jason that Michael is at her and Lulu’s apartment lying low. Will he be there for long? SPOILER has it that Maya finds him in the Quartermaine’s boathouse and Jason wants Lulu to tell him as soon as she finds out where Michael’s newest hiding place is. Will Michael’s relying on Lulu cause conflict between her and Carly? You bet! Carly lets Lulu know it was not OK to not call her as soon as she saw her cousin. Will Maya turn Michael in? Nope! Michael will call his mother and tell her that as long as Sonny is set free, he will keep mum.

Will Sonny be set free? I mentioned that Lisa would play a pivotal role in this. She’s the holdout juror, while everyone else seems to be ready to send the local mob boss to prison. Yep, the doc is holding things up with a vote of not guilty. Now how in the hell can this be legal and really, I ask, how would the prosecutor even know unless she’s got a juror on the inside? SPOILERS say that Claire knows it's Lisa who’s holding out and that she’ll go to Johnny with this information. He then pays the juror a visit at her sequestered hotel room. Just what does Lisa say to her fellow jurors before they take their final vote?

Another poorly kept secret in Port Chuck… Ethan sees Maya helping Michael. Robin and Patrick see Sonny’s son in the park. Molly, Kristina and Morgan have a reunion of sorts at the boathouse. He’s supposed to be hiding people! Half the town has seen him!

Will that final jury vote matter? Dante shows up at the courthouse, shocks all and takes the stand. Will he tell Michael’s story? Wouldn’t that be hearsay? The judge wants Carly back in the witness box and she does her best to spin things. Claire is not happy with Jax! He set up her up to go after Sonny when he knew the truth all along.

Lucky finds Michael at the boathouse… will he and Jason finally be over their love fest? SPOILERS say they are at a “stand off” over Michael, but it looks like Lucky might consider letting Michael go.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Michael’s fate, although unsure at first, will be decided in the next couple weeks. Is Dante’s life on the line? Sonny isn’t happy with him. Dante and Lulu have time for romance? Now? With all this going on, when they struggled to find time before? Carly pulls out Sonny’s favorite word and hurls it towards Lulu. Is Elizabeth too attached to Shirley? So attached that she’s in denial about Shirley’s prognosis? Patrick gives Nikolas some parenting advice. Helena continues to mess with her grandson. Elizabeth continues to want a future with Lucky.

NuMichael… I’m sure you all want my take on his debut and even if you don’t, oh well! Was he bad? No. was he great? No. We’ll see how he does with more of the heavier stuff. Like I’ve said a thousand times, the payoff of this storyline is already lacking, in my opinion, due to the ill timing of this recast.