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Y&R's Stafford on Rowell and INFAMOUS Spitting SCANDAL: "I Did a Spit Take"

In a blockbuster new interview with Young and Restless star Michelle Stafford, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco gets Stafford's side of the now infamous spitting scandal, that former Y&R actress Victoria Rowell first went public about on the Daytime Confidential iTunes podcast in 2008.


TVG: In an interview with, Victoria claimed that you purposely spit on her face during a scene.

: I did a spit take in a scene. Do you know what a spit take is?

TVG: As a gay man, I may have a different definition than you [laughs]! Explain.

MS: It happens when you have water in your mouth and you spit it out after someone says something shocking to you. Before we taped the scene, I told everyone that I thought Phyllis should do a spit take at the moment where Drucilla said something shocking. Everyone agreed. Unfortunately, some of the spit got in her face. Technically, I guess I did spit on her, but it’s not true that I did it on purpose. That’s what happened. You can ask the director. I saw Vicki recently and we had a pleasant talk about my daughter. Before I left the show I even picked her brain about adopting. I valued her knowledge because of her history [with the foster care system]. Listen, I really consider ourselves friends. It’s hurtful to me that she would say anything bad about me now. I don’t understand it because I thought we were OK. She’s a fantastic actress. I loved working with her. There was one point I didn’t like so much, but overall, I thought we worked really well together. If I didn’t like Victoria, I’d probably not go on the record about this and just issue a no comment. Usually no comment means, “Oh, I have a big comment [laughs]!

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Sigh, considering Dru vs. Phyllis almost dethrones the good, old days of Kay vs. Jill as my all-time favorite Y&R rivalry,  I wish everybody could just put on their Sunday best, catch the Holy Ghost, kiss, make up and pass the collection plate. Then maybe I could get a Y&R that is halfway enjoyable again— complete with only one set of evil twins at a time and black characters I actually give two poots about— but then, I am also still holding out for that N'Snyc reunion CD...bye bye bye, indeed.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep reading my advance copy of Rowell's scorching-hot novel Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva  to find out how fictional heroine Calysta Jeffries reacts if and when Emmy Abernathy— her rival on and off the set of the hit soap, The Rich and the Ruthless— spits on Calysta during a scene. Don't worry, you'll all get the chance to find out for yourselves when the raunchy roman a' clef into the steamy and skeevy world of daytime dramas hits bookstores May 4!