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Ricky Paull Goldin's Seeing Vs. Believing Premieres May 2

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Ricky Paull Goldin's (Jake Martin, All My Children) new TLC special Seeing vs. Believing special premieres on Sunday May 2 at 8 pm. In the special, Goldin and co-host Jeff Gurtman attempt to explain the unexplainable and let viewers decide if each case is truth or fiction. In an interview with TV Guide Magazine Goldin talks about the upcoming special and balancing it with his day job at AMC.

If Seeing Vs. Believing sells as a series, won’t this really shake up your life?

And I’m ready! This is no reflection on my day job. I love All My Children but this is something I really need to do. I’m extremely excited about where this journey might take us. I consider my life and career to be like a golf game and I’m at the halfway house having a burger and a shake. Now I’m ready to do the back nine! I hope the folks watch and support this, because we promise to bring all the great stories to the forefront. I’m not into crazy sensationalism. I like relationship-type shows, shows that have the real human touch, and that’s what this is. A whole lot of people in this world have had paranormal or psychic experiences. We all have the same questions. We wonder what happens to us after we die. We look up into the night sky and wonder what else is out there. And this has gone on in every culture for millenniums. Surely, there must be something to some of this. It can’t all be a big nothing.

Watch the Seeing Vs. Believing trailer after the jump. Follow it on Twitter and add them as a friend on Facebook. Also, visit the Seeing Vs.Believing official website for more information.

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